How to get the Walmart Family Phone?

Walmart Family Phone is one of the exclusive cell phone services by Walmart which is directed with the cellular network of T-Mobile. There is a huge collection of mobile phones, minutes on prepaid services and other data cards along with many accessories are given by Walmart Family Phone.


In addition to this there is a wide range of cell phone plans which are accessible by Walmart Family Phone that can meet your demands and desires. The activation of this phone is also very simply and straight forward and in case you do not activate your family phone on the Walmart store itself then you can complete the activation process online which will not take much time and all you require is an internet access.

Introduction to Walmart

Walmart is the leading retail store in the United States of America which was established back in the year 1962 and Walmart has ever since grown geographically to 11,000 branches in almost 27 countries across the globe. Walmart is also the biggest company around the world on the basis of its revenue generation and is the employment hub for almost 2.2 million employees from all across the planet wherever their branches are located.

Walmart Family Phone

Requirements to get the Walmart Family Phone

1.       You must have a safe and reliable internet connection which must be enabled on your device such as your laptop

2.       You must have your Family Mobile phone and the package that it comes with from Walmart.

3.       You must own your Walmart Family Phone Starter Kit(s)

4.       Keep your driver’s license or any personal ID in front of you

Step By Step Guide to get the Walmart Family Phone

Walmart Family Phone

1.       Tap on the link ahead to access the official page of the Walmart Family Phone at

2.       Then find and tap on “Activate a phone” to proceed ahead to the next step

3.       Then tap on “Next” to move ahead

4.       Now keep following the on screen prompts to complete the activation process for your family phone

5.       If you have any queries then you can place a call at 1-877-440-9758 and ask anything that you want

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