My Indigo Card Activation Procedure 2019

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For someone who is bad at managing credit finances then a specialized card such as My Indigo Card can help you keep on track as it is one of the top notch cards in the market that keeps a stringent check on one’s credit. With the usage of My Indigo Card the user no longer has to repent on past mistakes committed on the basis of credit especially those which have adversely affected one’s credit.

When one gets their hands on My Indigo Card they can easily keep a track of payable debt amounts and then opt for best ways to repay them over time. However before that, let’s dig into the activation process for My Indigo Card.

Procedure to Activate My Indigo Card

There are two main ways through which My Indigo Card can be activated:

  • Activation via online process
  • Activation via phone

Both of these methods are pretty straight forward and the steps for each of these are described below for your My Indigo Card’s smooth activation.

My Indigo Card Online Activation                      

If you wish to get your My Indigo Card activated via an online process then the pathway to that is through the official website at This can be accessed via your installed web browser and once you have opened the website then follow these listed steps:

  1. Once you have opened this website via your web browser and the home page gets displayed on your screen you must locate the button for “Login” and tap on it.
  2. You will be taken to the page for
  3. Then in the provided fields type in your My Indigo Card Login username and password.
  4. Tap on the button for “Log In”
  5. On the proceeding page type in the following details regarding your My Indigo Card:
  6. Account Number
  7. Date of Expiry
  8. Once the card details which you have entered have been verified you will be asked to select a PIN for your card which would be the same PIN that you will have to enter when you use or swipe your card to make any transactions or payments
  9. Last step is to give your valid and authentic personal details such as your Social Security Number etc.
  10. Click on the button for “Activate” and you will have activated your My Indigo Card successfully.

My Indigo Card Phone Activation

Here are the simple steps that one can follow to activate their My Indigo Card over the phone:

  1. First you need to place a call at this number 1-866-946-9545 which is an Indigo customer support  number
  2. You will then have to listen to a voice over which would be pre-recorded. In this recording you will be presented with selection for the activation of your My Indigo Card
  3. Simply choose the most suitable selection option and follow the rest of the instructions to complete the card activation process.  
  4. You can also press the button of # on your dial machine so that a direct communication line is established with any of the Indigo’s customer service representatives.
  5. To the customer service representative you will have to give the details of your card along with the reason why you wish to get your card activated.

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