Fill Starbucks Survey to win special coupons!

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For all the coffee obsessed people out there, Starbucks is that one name that does not require any introduction but what the company needs is a communication link with their customers hence they have created their Starbucks Survey at where you can write down your feedback and win one of kind Starbucks coupons.


The rules to follow for the Starbucks Survey

  • In order to get the Starbucks Stars and other coupons on completion of the survey it is important that you create an account first.
  • You also require a valid purchase receipt from Starbucks from any of its branches to enter the survey so go out and have a nice warm coffee.
  • The best thing is that Starbucks is offering its employees the Starbucks Stars as well and other rewards that are being offered to all customers. And there are no other tid bits and long requirements to become eligible for the survey participation.

Here is the detailed process for finishing the Starbucks Survey


  1. On your purchase bill, locate a survey code.
  2. Then click on this link to open the survey page and type in this code here
  3. Now press the button for START given in brown bar
  4. Read all the instructions and get familiar with the survey rules.
  5. Now answer all the questions in the Starbucks Survey by selecting the most appropriate choice.
  6. There is a section where you can add any other details up to 4,000 characters however this isn’t necessary to fill.
  7. You can see the progress in your survey by looking at the bar at the bottom of the page.
  8. In the end of the survey you will be inquired if you have faced any issue while buying from Starbucks.
  9. If you say yes to this question then you will be shown the process by which you can get in touch with the Starbucks customer service.
  10. In the end give your reward account ID and some other details to get your points added you’re your Starbucks card that you can avail at anytime.


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