Manage Your Accounts Using Offender Connect

If you want to have Offender Connect, then it is going to help the offender to utilize the PIN debit accounts, which eventually sets them so they can make calls from the phone account that they are actually controlling. There are funds that are placed in the Offender Connect phone account so that they can be used to make the calls. The charges are deducted from the phone account so that the phone calls can easily be made. The cell phone numbers cannot be called when the debt account is in use.

Offender Connect phone account:

  1. In order to make and deposit into an Offender Connect phone account, you need to visit the office at www.offenderconnect,com  and there you will be able to establish the same.
  2. There is the Offender ID number that you need to have with which you want to make a deposit.
  3. If you are approved then you will go through the security procedures in order to make sure some imperative things.
  4. If you are not approved visitor then you need to download the online application form so that you will be approved afterward.
  5. When you will fill out the form you will have to wait for 30 to 60 days in order for the completion of the process.

When you will get approved then you can get the personal account in which you can deposit. You can make deposits by the U.S mail through the JPay. There ought to be the money order deposit form that can be found on the website i.e. and the copy of the license in order to get processed. It is only needed to match the name that is on the visiting list also, so the name needs to be matched at any cost.

The money orders must not be more than $200 otherwise, they will not get approved. If you need to send more than $200 then you need to contact the institution for further details in this regard.

If you are not sending any letters to the inmate with the money order with Offender Connect then your application will be discarded and you will not be able to make any kind of deposit.

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