Renew Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Plates

The Renew Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles’ online system allows all their users to renew at least one or more of their owned cars, then choose and buy their exclusive plates in a matter of moments at

If you are too busy to deal with hassle of this renewal procedure offline then you can easily access the company’s online platform to solve all your troubles.

Ohio Bureau of Motor

Instructions to Renew Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Plates

The Ohio BMV online system is offering all their registered customers with multiple service platform on their web page which will let you place a request and easily access the renewal services online on a single platform.

For instance you can easily place a request for these services by accessing the home page and then click the relevant icons to avail the services.

You can even open up the detailed services on the same link and these steps will allow you to manage your vehicle plates in no time:

1.       Open this link from your set web browser

2.       On the main page locate the link for “Renew your vehicle registration” and then click on the button for CONTINUE

3.       Read through all the instructions as shown and then place a check mark on the box “I Accept”. You must ensure that your car is enrolled with Ohio and that your plate is due to expire in 3 months or has not been in expiry for anymore than 6 months. Then tap on “Continue”

4.       Type in your plate ID and the final 4 numbers of your Social Security Number in their designated places.

5.       Follow the rest of the instructions to finish the renewal process for your plates.

If you have any queries regarding your plates then you can open the link for FAQs present at the top of the website to access assistance and help. After which you can find the answer by entering your query.

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