Productive at Work with Paylocity

Paylocity is company known to provide information about payroll and human resource and provides tools to its customers. If you are an employer or employee, you can avail benefit to a large extent and different procedure.

If you are an employer, you are accessible to many methods to manage your company like Software-as-a-Service, Tax Services, Benefits Administration, Applicant Tracking System and more.

If you are an employee, you can enjoy thoughtful self-service through your Smartphone or tablet anywhere.

If you are an employer:

If you are an employer, you can do a lot of work in one day. With Paylocity tools and solutions, things seem easier.

Other than that online payroll and advanced HR services, you can also access Web Benefit, Applicant Tracking System, Tax Services, Software-as-a-Service, Time & Labor and even partners.

With the help of Web Benefit, you can hire HR staff that can work more efficiently and the employees can even manage their own enrollment.

Applicant Tracking System is providing easier steps for all the staff to share real-time information.

The Tax Services can guarantee your company’s tax returns.

This service provides you with plentiful business solutions quickly and continuously.

Enter and press the button marked “Request free quote”.

Fill in the required details like your name, phone, email and company etc.

Click the “Submit your request” to get the free quote.

If you are an employee:

With the help of Paylocity, you have the chance to access brilliant self-service through your phone or tablet. You can view company news, reminders, custom web pages, videos and more with security anytime, anywhere.

During, your own payroll and human resource information are also available as long as you download an app to your Smartphone or tablet. This is the best services provider and can help you a lot of benefits.

Visit and press the button marked “Learn More”.

Read the descriptions and choose the suitable app from “Google Play” and “App Store”.

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