Participate in Bluewater Survey to win £500 gift card

To enhance your next shopping experience, tell your feedback at the online Bluewater Survey on and get to win a gift card of £500!

About Bluewater

Bluewater is the leading shopping center located in an area in Stone, Greenhithe, Kent, England. The shopping arena was founded in 1999 and comprises of a huge parking lot that is sufficient to cater to almost 13,000 cars and 50 buses. They cater to all their customers and the public by giving a huge variety of brands and shop ranges from them to select from!

Step by Step Procedure for filling the online Bluewater Survey

If you love shopping and have stopped by at the Bluewater Shopping Centre for your latest shopping spree then share your opinions, complaints and suggestions at their online offered Bluewater Survey by doing as your are systematically told to in the instructions below:

  1. Before you start filling in the questions asked in the Bluewater Survey, of course enabling your internet connection on your device is necessary.
  2. This is the web link that needs to be clicked if you wish to open the official home page for Bluewater Survey.
  3. The home browser set on your computer will show you the page for the Bluewater Survey
  4. When you are looking at the home page find and hit the button CONTINUE
  5. Tell when and at what exact time you visited the Bluewater Shopping Centre last time
  6. To locate the time related details look at your receipt from the Bluewater Shopping centre
  7. Then press the button “START”
  8. Then you will be displayed the relevant questions in the Bluewater Survey
  9. Answer every question with utmost honesty
  10. Review your given rating and responses
  11. The closing step would be to submit the Bluewater Survey!

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