How to check Southwest Airlines Flight Status Online?

There are times when you do not get informed in time or get notified regarding any delays in the flight or if the flight has been cancelled and you reach the airport to find the situation worse or that you have been given another flight or you might have to wait long spans of hours only to get boarded.

Southwest Airlines

Of course this is the situation that no one wants to be in especially when one has to reach at any place in an emergency. This hassle can be avoided if you travel with Southwest Airlines because of their flawless service which allows you to check Southwest Airlines Flight Status Online at

Guide to check Southwest Airlines Flight Status Online

If you are a passenger of Southwest Airlines, you can easily view your flight status online and stay updated on any delays or cancellations by checking the Southwest Airlines Flight Status Online at Flight status details will only be accessible inside the United States and you can open the relevant website and enter your departure or arrival destination or the code for the airport, date of travelling and your flight ID to proceed ahead..

·         It is imperative to have details of your flight in front of you then you can select the sort of alerts that you wish to get by ticking the circle in your email or text message. Then type in your email ID and your contact number of United States. You can also select when, where you wish to receive message and rates would be applicable. The message notification can be sent at anytime.

·         You can set your notification schedule which will remind you of your flight departure at least an hour before up to 4 hours before.

·         Then tap on the tab for “View or Edit Notification” and can edit your status or check your flight schedules.

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