What is Staples Rebate Center?

Staples Rebate Center makes it easy and possible for you to submit a rebate, track your rebate status, check your rebate card balance, and find great rebated offers online. For all you have to visit www.stapleseasyrebates.com.

Staples Rebate Center Guide

Staples products were bought in a store or ordered from your home or office, no matter you want to submit an Easy rebate or a mail-in rebate, Staples Rebate Center enables you to process your rebate in a simplified way.

Rebate products that are eligible for online submission are Easy Rebates. Products marked with Easy Rebates icon and/or the phrase “Easy Rebate” in the item description is eligible for online submission. If you prefer to mail in your rebate form for an Easy Rebate product, use the “Find rebate offers now” link and print out the form.

Certain products which are not eligible for online submission are mail-in rebates. If you do not have a rebate form, you can print one out through the “Find rebate offers now” link. Within 4-6 weeks of submitting the rebate request, you will get your rebate either as a rebate Visa prepaid card or a check from Staples. There is no limit on how many rebates you can submit at one time. After you have finished entering the first rebate, you will be asked whether you have additional rebate offers to submit.

To track an Easy Rebate, you can track by your name or by tracking number. To track a mail-in rebate, you have the option to track by your name or zip code, by company name and zip code, or by tracking number.

Visit www.stapleseasyrebates.com for all Staples rebates related subjects.

About Staples

Staples provide products, services and expertise in the categories of office supplies, technology, furniture, Copy & Print, and cleaning and break room. Staples were founded in 1986. With 90,000 associates worldwide, Staples has a presence in more than 26 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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