The State Farm Drive & Save Program

Once you opt for the State Farm auto insurance you can get a hold over everything and save tons on your premium plans related to auto insurance.

With the State Farm Drive & Save Program many customers will be given a discount worth 50% and if you get enrolled in OnStar, SYNC or In-Drive-enabled cars then you will further save by less driving and safe driving.

Farm Drive & Save

Guide to Enroll in State Farm Drive & Save Program

When you get your car enrolled with State Farm Drive & Save Program, the company will count your auto insurance premium according to the number of miles that you drive on the vehicle and the less and the safer your drive the more money you will save.

All you have to do is activate the OnStar subscription for the OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics, get a working SYNC subscription for a Ford car that qualifies for it and a functional In-Drive subscription.

Drive Safe & Save will make use of your driving details in order to count the discount that will be given to you.

This will not just increase on your premium but will then adjust your discount with every renewal in the future. In order to get your vehicle enrolled in the State Farm Drive & Save Program these are the steps you need to follow:

1.       Open this link and choose a state. Tap on “Go”. If your vehicle does not have any communication services, then tap on the provider’s name on the home page and get to learn about all the subscriptions and FAQs.

2.       Access all the services you will to register in and then tap on the button for ENROLL.

3.       Sign in to your State Farm online account if you have registered for the State Farm insurance and if you do not have an account then get a quote by tapping on “No”.

4.       Finish the enrollment process by following the shown prompts on the screen

5.       To end the subscription you need to get in touch with the State Farm agent.

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