Participate in Walmart Survey to Win Rewards or Gift Cards

Participate in Walmart Survey at to express your feedback and get a chance to win rewards or gift cards. Walmart is an American based multinational company that has a chain of malls, superstores and grocery stores. Walmart has been the first priority for people in many foreign countries, because of their high quality and their exotic atmosphere in their stores and malls. Everything seems so good that people even walk in just to hang in the store for Window shopping, and some do it for picking out things for their wish lists (Latest Mobiles, laptops etc.) – Walmart Survey

Walmart is also famous for its discounts and offers on several occasions. It feature’s special discounts on events like, Christmas and Thanksgiving. Right now there is another hot offer going on, which is the WalMart survey (, it is an online survey that you take, and if you get shortlisted by Walmart and if they think your responses to questions are great, they would reward you with a $1000 shopping card exclusively for all Walmart outlets. The survey is quite an easy one, as Walmart claims that their survey takes roughly 10-15mins on an average and it doesn’t require any special skills. All the questions in this survey are general knowledge based question that anyone could easily answer.

In a span of 3 months, 5 winners will be chosen for the $1000 sweepstakes, but there is a downside to it as well. All the people who go to Walmart can’t actually take part in the survey. Only those who are chosen by Walmart itself can participate. Those people who can give the survey are given with a printed proof, after their bill is checked out and while starting the survey, they would be required to enter the code provided by Walmart on the receipt. The company claims that this scheme is implemented, to provide an equal chance for different people to win at different turns. As many people come to Walmart and most of them are regular customers, thus this service cannot be provided to them all the time, it would be too hectic. Sometimes people do get multiple invites to take the survey tough, but this is all random and it is just their luck that they get the invite, so it’s okay with Walmart if they retake the for increase chances to win the sweepstake.

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