Participate in Shoppers Drug Mart Survey to win $1,000 gift card

Participate in Shoppers Drug Mart Survey on by spending just a small amount of money at Canada’s retail drug store marketplace to enter into the sweepstakes program to get a chance to win $1,000 gift card to buy FREE stuff.

Everybody needs free stuff, yet how? Presently join Shoppers Optimum and begin gaining focuses towards free stuff. You can now spend just a small amount of money into buying stuff from Drug mart and get a chance to win a gift card worth one thousand dollars. When you collect focuses, It’s a great opportunity to spend them to get up to one hundred and fifty dollars worth of free stuff. Also, participation is free. It works quite simple. So be a part now and start to procure. The Shoppers Drug Mart Online Survey is utilized to explore the visitors’ fulfillment to the nature of administrations they got in this present organization’s store. This organization will esteem your proposals and remarks on their administrations and they will make a change as indicated by the review result.

Why Shoppers Drug Mart Customer Care Survey

The Shoppers Drug Mart Survey is a purchaser criticism poll intended to gather clients’ input and measure clients’ fulfillment level. Customers Drug Mart wants to find out about how to enhance from your conclusions. The online review is simple; you ought to have the capacity to finish it in a minute. Once finished, you can enter a sweepstakes to win one of the total fifty blessing cards which are worth one thousand dollars.

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Keep your receipts handy to join Shoppers Drug Mart Survey

While process of getting done with the Shoppers Drug Mart Survey is quite easy. If you have the previous receipt of the shopping that you did in Drug mart, the process gets ever more easier. Now all you need to do is to enter your fifteen-digit Certification Number on your business receipt to join the study and enlighten Shoppers Drug Mart concerning the administration you got in their stores. Press the “Dispatch” catch to proceed. Perused the Official Rules and Winners List. Consider the administration you got in the Shoppers Drug Mart where you got this review welcome. Share your input and give your contact data. Endless supply of the study you will consequently be entered for an opportunity to. Besides, the honest views that you will give to the company will be worked upon and your future visits to the place will be made much better than before.

Shoppers Drug Mart Survey


By completing Shoppers Drug Mart Survey, you will get a chance to win a $1,000 DMS gift card through the retail drug store marketplace sweepstakes program. The guest satisfaction survey helps the retail drug store company to get the customers satisfaction level about their products and services.

6 thoughts on “Participate in Shoppers Drug Mart Survey to win $1,000 gift card

  1. I was in the Shoppers Drug Mart location in Hanover today. A young women,”Katie” assisted me to find the appropriate products that I requested, she demonstrated the products on myself and gave me helpful hints. I appreciated her professionalism and knowledge. I plan to return to the store in the near future and make an appointment for other skin related topics.

  2. It is a pleasure to share with you the wonderful and personalized customer service Wanda gave me yesterday when I stopped by the Shoppers a Drug Mart in Lower Sackvillw, NS.
    Wanda looked genuinely excited to be of assistance by dropping what she was doing and cheerfully came over to help me find the expiry date on a product. I am a senior and couldn’t read the very fine print. In fact she was so unlike the usual polite but mundane kind of assistants I see . So much so that I asked if she was part time! Imagine! That’s how obvious it was to notice the enthusiasm and passion for her job. Please recognize her for what she is going for Shoppers. Thank you!

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