Applebee’s Survey is here for you to fill some questionnaires

Participate in Applebee’s Survey on to get a chance to win $1,000 check per household by expressing your views at Applebee’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.

If you are someone who is older than the legal age of eighteen, you have a golden chance to enter the Applebee’s Survey. This company is considered to be one of the most famous food providing companies in the world. The company basically has its origin from the United States of America. The company originally started off in America but later it moved its branches to the other places of the world as well. It gained so much success that now every major country has this company’s franchise in the main cities. The main reason why this company has gained so much popularity all over the world is its amazing food quality. The taste of the food provided to the customers is what makes people come towards it again and again. Applebee’s has constructed quite a good customer base everywhere and the sole reason has been its food quality. However, now the organization is looking forward to getting better at the services value as well. In order to get to know about the point of view of the customers when it comes to the products provided and the services offered, the company has come up with Applebee’s Survey.

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Participate in Applebee’s Survey and win some prizes

Applebee's Survey

If you are someone above the legal age of eighteen years, you will be able to enter the survey. The best thing is that if you have never bought anything from the company, it will hinder you from entering into this contest. Once you decide to enter the contest, make sure that you have the receipt in which the entire data of purchase is mentioned. The serial number will be required to be added into the box you will see on the main page at After that, you will enter the Applebee’s Survey and after answering the questions, you will be able to win a prize of worth fifteen thousand dollars. If you have an unstable connection, you will have to answer the leftover questions again and again once you complete it entirely. Therefore, start the guest satisfaction survey only when you have a stable internet connection.

4 thoughts on “Applebee’s Survey is here for you to fill some questionnaires

  1. I do not understand why for years, one trip to Applebee’s can be great and the next horrible. I went to the Altoona store on 06/20/2016. Everything was delicious. the next visit was June 30th. The diet Pepsi was flat, as always. I asked the server if the new garlic fries were suppose to be cold. She apologized and brought me new ones soaked in whatever ‘sauce’. The manager came over twice and apologized for each incident, but that is not the point. The only bubbles I had in my soda were the ones in the ice. It saddens me because I love your ribs.
    Here is my receipt info: Store 1021, Shanda, but she was not my server; TB#34 06-30-2016; 11:57a; Guests:1; Baby Bck half -12.99; Disc – 1.30 (senior); water – 0.00; Serial number 069337558;
    I have spoken to a regional person twice before from Pittsburgh, PA.
    Thank you for your time, Sherry

  2. Just had dinner at Applebee’s Federal Way, WA
    First off I was very disappointed that they have dropped the riblets from the menu. One of the reasons I like to eat at Applebee’s
    I had a beef dish tonight (pep crustd sir) and it was terrible. The beef was like chewing rubber. The meal was just warm.
    My receipt info is 874-724897
    I will think twice before I return to a Applebee’s.

    1. We went to Applebee’s in Thornton, Co. It was the second time in about three months. The first time the server ordered fries with my salmon instead of the white rice that I ordered. By the time my rice came, my other food was cold.
      We went again two nights ago. The salmon I ordered was a lot smaller than it was the first time. The server seemed to do a good job, but I couldn’t swallow due to a previous neck surgery. Usually, I can swallow their food, but this time the salmon was a lot tougher than the first time and a smaller portion. Then the vegetables I ordered were green beans, which didn’t taste as if they were cooked enough. They were not fresh and were tough. Not able to eat. They do not have many options to choose from for their side orders. Too bad, because they have lost a couple of customers. In addition, I wasn’t able to get into their survey and I tried it several times. I think I will contact the toll free number in the morning. The Survey Code was on the bottom of the receipt; however, I couldn’t take the survey nor get into it. Why enter anyway, and no one I have talked to has ever won prize of any kind. It is a waste of time and money going to Applebee’s. Also, someone gave us a gift card, we used that, and had to sign to use it. How annoying is that? Some way to get your name or to solicit your information?
      My survey code was 1*******2. Perhaps someone else can use it, but I am sure no one ever wins any $100 cash weekly nor the $1,000 cash monthly!

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