Participate in Sonic Drive-In Guest Satisfaction Survey to earn free food

Participate in Sonic Drive-In Survey on and earn a FREE Route 44® drink on your next visit by expressing your opinion within 14 days of your last receipt.

Sonic Drive-in is one of the most loved fast food chains in the world. When it comes to talking about delicious burgers, amazing beverages, fries and onion rings, no one can go to any other place if he has eaten his favorite meal at Sonic Drive-In. One of the most ordered food items in the place is the chili dog which people love to have in their hands whenever they enter the place. The restaurant is known for its standardized recipes that are used all over the world. The restaurant started off in the United States of America and with the passage of the time, it gains a lot of popularity and love from the customers. With the passage of the time, the business got quite profitable, and the company decided to move ahead to other countries as well. Now every country all over the world has at least one franchise of the outlet in its cities. The standardizes recipes make it possible for you to have the same taste whenever you go, and that could be any place in the world. The best thing is that the business is now expanded to more than four thousand outlets all over the world. To be better at the customer’s viewpoint, the company has come up with something even better which is Sonic Drive-In Survey.

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IF you want to be a part of the Guest Satisfaction Survey, you will have to spend just ten to fifteen minutes into answering some questions that will be related to the service which was provided to you by the company when you visited it last time. However, you need to complete this survey within fourteen days of visiting the place. As you will have to add up the receipt number to start off the survey, it would be necessary for you to add it within fourteen days of visiting the place. You will stay at home and will use a computer along with an internet connection to complete the Sonic Survey. Once you complete the customer satisfaction survey, all you will have to do is to answer some fifteen to twenty questions and after completing them, you will get your hands on a prize that will let you have free food.

Sonic Drive-In survey

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