Participate in Dunkin Donuts Survey to earn free rewards

Participate in Dunkin Donuts survey on and earn a free Donut by unlocking a unique code. Dunkin Donuts – as you are aware – for years has been one of the leading companies that have provided its customers with freshly baked donuts with coffee. The company has grown into a major multinational enterprise and has 11300 branches across the globe. Additionally, on average almost three million individuals visit one of the Dunkin Donuts branches each day. Now the company indents to offer its valued customers the opportunity to earn a free donut every time they complete a Dunkin Donut survey. Moreover, it’s not merely a free donut but by voicing your concern and suggestions through a Dunkin Donuts survey, any customer can make a valuable contribution to the future direction of the company – since Dunkin Donuts has a culture of self-improvement.

Dunkin Donuts

How to participate in Dunkin Donuts Survey on

Dunkin Donuts Survey

The question then is how, when and where can any individual participate in the Dunkin Donuts surveys, earn the reward and influence the change in his/her direction. Dunkin Donuts, as has been asserted above, has 11300 branches across the globe, and one way to participate in the survey is to fill the Dunkin Donuts survey card provided each time you order. However, if the Dunkin Donuts survey card is not provided, you can request one from the counter when ordering donuts or coffee or at least inform the management that you intend to fill in a survey. Furthermore, there are online customer satisfaction surveys available as well that one can fill. The websites where you can complete a survey include,


What difference would it make by participating in Dunkin Donuts Survey?

Dunkin' Donuts

The crucial point is that any consumer should have a right to voice his/her concerns and recommendations regardless of through whichever means they do that, and Dunkin Donuts rewards you for your service. Additionally, there have been changes over the years as more people voiced their concerns and suggestion through Dunkin Donuts survey – like in the menu, content of donuts, staff service, and environment. Voicing one’s opinion through Dunkin Donuts survey is essential, and you should voice yours as well, the next time you visit Dunkin Donuts.

Requirements for online participation in Dunkin Donuts Customer Satisfaction Survey - Dunkin Donuts Survey

To earn the reward through the online Dunkin Donuts survey on, an individual must have access to the internet, a valid receipt from your previous visit to Dunkin Donuts. Additionally, individual will be required to complete the survey in their preferred language – English or Spanish – within thirty days of the last visit. Finally, after filling basic information like time of visit, store number and date – that is available on the receipt – a code will be generated, that the individual must write on the receipt and present the receipt on his next visit to Dunkin Donuts to avail the reward.

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