Participate in Hardee’s Survey to win $500 gift card by answering some simple questions

Participate in Hardee’s Survey on by answering some simple Hardee’s food and services related questions to get a chance to win $500.00 Carl’s Jr.®/ Hardee’s® Gift Card.


There is no denying the fact that Hardee’s is one of the most sought after food chains in the world. It is that one food chain that people love to hang out at whenever they look forward to eating something good. Some of the best things that set this franchise apart from the other ones include the amazingly quick service along with the most delicious burgers ever. The company has been in the service for quite a long time now. Initially, the company started its services in the United States of America and later on moved to the other places in the world. Now the company has hundreds of outlets all over the world and millions of fans who love to visit it once in a while. However, the company is still looking forward to making it services, even more, better and for that, it has come up with a survey. This survey is known as Hardee’s Survey and is gaining popularity amongst the burger lovers all over the world. If you are looking forward to stuffing yourself with the delicious burgers and the amazing fries by the company, you need to be a part of its survey.

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Ways to enter the Hardee’s Survey and win the prize

In order to be a part of the survey, all you need to do is to go to the official page of the survey and answer some simple questions that are related to the services provided by the company to you when you visited it last time. Answering all the questions honestly will lead you to getting your hands on a gift card which is worth five hundred dollars. However, for that, you need to be of a legal age which if more than eighteen years and should be a resident of United States of America. If you want to have an entry to the survey, you need to go to the website. If not that, you can also send a message to the company on the number 77948. This is the survey number, and you will get an automatic reply.

76 thoughts on “Participate in Hardee’s Survey to win $500 gift card by answering some simple questions

  1. Was the worst experience I’ve ever had with a Hardee’s Drive Thru! If you had a way for me to send you a pic, I would! And I got the large! The drive thru lady was very rude! Hardee’s at 3014 CharlestonHwy. West Columbia, SC at (803)926-7201! I visited on 7/12/16 @12:59:56 PM!

    1. Yes I agree we went to the Hardee’s in Butte Montana….25 mins waiting for the food….very bad service……food was cold. Will NEVER. Go back!

  2. I Had A Horrible Sloppy Low Carb Hardee’s Experience ! I Call to Complain About this unsatisfactory issues and kept getting the Fax Machine ! Fries Cold , Burger Cold ! So much mayo , the lettuce & Mayo everywhere ! They didnt Add the bacon to sandwich ! The Low-carb Frisco Thickburger Combo, Looked nothing like picture

    1. I always have a good experience at Hardees O.ur family owns a steak house and I think their hamburgers are very good (but a little overdone).Also I always ask for fresh french fries…

  3. need money. hope I win the 500. am disabled. am a veteran. facing sheriffs sale sept.will be homeless…73yr.old…

  4. The cashier inside was very nice. I was dissatisfied with my food. I ordered the platter with sausage. My food was cold except the gravy so I took the gravy and poured,it over the 8,hashrounds and suppose to be scramble egg. I threw away the biscuit it was disgusting. I will not return to try his Hardee’s located on 21st and colonial.

  5. My family & I went to Hardee’s in Selma Alabama we decided to take the drive thru and this lady by name of kadrigua had such a nasty attitude and she was so rude is this the kind of people we want to serves us i don’t think she need to be in a restaurant r any restaurant my family and i will not be going back there!!!!

  6. I had the worst experience at Hardee’s today. Winston Salem, NC. 1590 1st Street. I waited almost 30 mins for my food and it wasnt even hot @ 5:53:18pm

  7. Your new triple bacon thick burger is the bomb! I walked in and ordered it at your Abingdon,Virginia and the crew was nice and the wait was less than 5 minutes! The restaurant was clean and the burger was perfect!!! I’ll have another please!! Thank You!

  8. The sausage and egg and tomatoes biscuit I order this morning was the bomb it was hot and delicious will be back for another one of those soon and the waitress was so nice like seeing people like her…..Love the Hardee’s in Gate City VA office #2938….

  9. I order a small 5 pcs tender meal for my kids and they love it. Then they eat a apple turnover they ate that too.

  10. I eat at Rest# 255 where Shanika waited on us, she was a wonderful start to our day. Funny, fun, and accurate. Our food was exceptional and was brought to our table be Shanika with a smile and is there anything else I can get for you. Again, a truly great start to our day. We had breakfest and biscuits and gravy and eggs.
    On the wed-site with survey, not so good, very difficult to get to, if at all.

    Thank you! Shank of St. Paul, Mn.

  11. I first had a problem getting on the web site.then in the search menu online go to the third paragraph to click on it and when it comes up on your screen,scan down and there is a link to .there you should be able to do the survey.

  12. I went to the hardees at 43 E. C470 in Lake panasoffkee and the manager Dawn was extremely rude and unfortunately for her I’m a general manager of wendys for the past 20 years so I’m aware of how the customer should be treated. I ordered a strawberry lemonade no ice, she brought me a cup filled 3 inches from the top so I asked for more, her reply was that’s all you get, with an aggravated tone. When I asked for corporate number she said it wasn’t one. When I went to get the number off of the window she said you need to get off my timer. Wow

  13. 8/16/2016
    Carls Jr @5625 W. century Blvd Los Angeles over 30 minutes for a Malt! Tony was very apologetic.
    Young thin black girl was very slow and lazy. Tony ask if she could make my malt and she refused. Not knowing that I had just walked up to the counter. Tony stepped up and made the malt. Too many people had their orders screwed up. Long lines for a pretty empty place. People literally walked out rather then wait! As an retired owner of 5 restaurants I would never have tolerated such poor service. Manager seemed to be oblivious to the issues around her.

  14. 327 Harrington Apt 9Dģ I went to haredesign today for lunch went time drive Thu they was quite and fast they did everything right I give them a 100% on everything

  15. 327 Harrington Apt 9Dģ I went to haredesign today for lunch went time drive Thu they was quick and fast they did everything right I give them a 100% on everything

  16. I visit the Rockwood TN Hardee’s every morning and 4 to 5 times in the afternoon a week. I enjoy their breakfast, and their chicken tenders. When I have Sunday dinner I always buy the chicken tenders and add my own sides. Their customer service is very friendly.

  17. Imagine you make $12 an hour and have 3 kids .so you don’t get to go out to eat much and when you do you say well I think I’ll try the new three-way Burger. So you ordered it get all the way back home only to find there is not a stitch of meat on the entire sandwich.

  18. A very dissatisfied customer at you location in New Baden, IL. At 8 AM we entered your store and place an order for two breakfast platters. First we had to wait approx 5 minutes for the cashier to clear the register for an incomplete transaction, during that time 5 or 6 other customers lined up behind us. We placed the order at 8:07 and were given our receipt and a number to place on our table. After about 5 minutes we noticed that orders placed after us we being given out at the window. I checked at the counter and was told they were getting the orders out as quick as possible. I checked back two more times and finally I went to the counter and requested a refund. The cashier went into the kitchen and the manager on duty came out and asked if I wanted them to fix it quick and I said no we don’t have time to wait any longer. The manager gave us a refund and said as an afterthought “Sorry about that” Our ticket number was 209670.

  19. I stopped by the Brand New Hardees store in Grand Forks ND twice in the past
    2 weeks… both times they got my order wrong… good bye!!

  20. We went to the Hardee’s in Milton Florida for lunch today and we were VERY disappointed.We had 3 separate orders that one employee was trying to pick up for us all they refused to take the order at the drive thru window even though there was no one in line and no one inside eating so it wasn’t that they were busy.She had to make 2 trips to her car and she has severe back pain to where it hurts her terrible to take extra steps,the only reason she was picking up food today was she needed to make another stop {with a drive thru} .I do not understand why they have the policy of not taking more then 2 orders at the drive thru ,but that is what they told her.Then once she got back all our food terrible.My club was so dry and cold I couldn’t eat it,the chicken box was burnt and cold,her firsco was cold chees didn’t melt and no mayo after asking for extra and waiting 20 + minutes for the food.The only thing that was good were our drinks and she had to get those herself.We have always like Hardee’s when we have each went on our own to other branches .We as a group will not be going to this one again any time soon.Susan the manager made my co-worker so angry she will never go back.

    + minutews for food

  21. Just bought two bacon three way combos from Hardee’s in quitman Mississippi bit into hair called the manager to tell them that maybe his cooks should be asked to wear hair nets cause my burger had hair in it told him what color he said no one worked there with that color hair he got mad after I told him I had the hair in my hand said I was to bring it back and he might see about giving me my money back. He just lost a customer and I will not recommend this restaurant to any one that I care about.

  22. We stopped by Hardees in Muston wi and it was good and Great Hope we can win the $500.00 Gift CARD WELL BE EATING THERE A LOTS.
    It is a new one so we stopped on our way home from the Tohma VA Clinick , Its nice there easy enterence, and excet also. I hope MDS come and has some better Meats Sandwches. But Not like Roast Beef Big one was .
    God Be with your Workers, and your Business, Hope it a success.Betty, George Dixon 670 State Rd 82 Wi Dells Wi 54965-8995 I pray to see that $500.00 Gift card for Carls Jr Hardes Amen

  23. Carls Jr @524 inland center dr.
    .I came through the drive thru yesterday night around 9 p.m. and ordered a western combo. My food was out in less than 3 minutes fresh and hot.!! My meal was delicious and it was a very pleasent experience and to top it off . The young ladies upfront were very polite and pretty.The manager in black . I believe her name was carla or carly provided extra service and went out of her way to make all her guests happy including myself. It was a great experience from a fast food because i haven’t received that kind of customer service in a whIle and it feels good to be treated as a guest at home. I will definitely be coming back . I just thought I had to let you know.

    1. I go to the Hardees in Cookeville, Tn located on Willow Street three or four time a week mostly in Breakfast times. The food is always HOT and the people there are very friendly. The bisquits are much better than Cracker Barrel for sure. I even told the Cracker Barrrel manager that one day.
      I always use the coupons I get from the newspapers. It is a wonderful place to meet friends for coffee and breakfast to start the day off right. Don

  24. Just to let you Hardee’s cooperates know that you got sum very good help down there on the night shift named Amanda the server and Dwayne the cook. I’m sure the little old lady in the back is part of a good team too. But didn’t meet her. I been in the construction trade for over 25 years and been running work for the last ten. I know good hard working help when I see it and know it’s hard to come by. Hardee’s is lucky to have Amanda and Dwayne and that little old lady on there team. HARDEES. Don’t forget to take of and recognize your good help. It’s hard to come by. Have a good safe weekend

  25. On Saturday morning at 09:04, we visited the Hardees located at 1580 Fort Campbell Blvd in Clarksville Tn. It was quite busy, the employees frustrations truly showed, especially a woman thay seemed to be in charge named April. The dining room was out of coffee so a customer notified April. April passed a coffee dispensing machine (#8) and started asking customers to swap the empty the coffee machine with the new one and bring the empty one back to the counter!!! She (April) has also been asking customers to fill up the condiments for her!!! What kind of employee asks CUSTOMERS TO DO HER JOB??? We will not visit this establishment again due to this continuing problem. This isnt the first time with her and by her actions, wont be the last.

  26. Went to the Hardees in Paxton, Il tonight. Got the worst food ever. It was NOT even warm. The fries looked and tasted like they had been there for several hours. Will not return to that place.

  27. Visited the hardees in Port Orange on Ridgewood was greeted by one of the friendliest cashier I have ever came encounter with. She smiled from beginning to end. When she brought my order out to me she made sure I had everything I needed. Have been in there several times and this is the best service I have ever received. I Didn’t glace at her name tag but she’s an African American Young lady that wear glasses. Job well done you need more employees like her.

  28. I went to Hardee’s for lunch at the Lynnhaven store, #2781. I ordered my meal, when it came. It was not the way I ordered it, but the manager was very rude. Instead making me feel welcome for going there for lunch. They made me feel like they didn’t care. I am definitely going to think about a second option from here on out.

  29. Sangaree Hardees
    2203 N. Main Street
    Summerville, SC
    9/17/2016 12:36:12PM
    Order # 309705
    Drive Thru
    No Quality Control!!
    Little ThkBgr Combo ordered without cheese and mustard. Came with cheese, anyway!
    SMClassic DCB had one patty instead of two!
    Not discovered until I arrive home, a few miles away.
    How can someone screw up an order this bad unless there is no quality control and no effective leadership?
    No more patronage at this Hardees.


  31. Went to Hardees on W.Chain of Rocks Rd., in Granite City, Il person on speaker ask if I would be interested in the Double Cheeseburger Special, and I decided to try it, sounded goood, at the time. When I got home about 5 min later, I could hardly wait to try this special and was not happy at all. Way too much sauce was put on the burger, even the bun on the outside was saturated, and the lettuce was wilted, not a happy customer.

  32. Stopped at the Hardees at 3200 S Expressway St Council Bluffs IA on our way out of town. Ordered the fish combo and a Chicken strip combo. The fries for both were cold and chewy, not crispy curls. And the fish was requested to have mayonaise instead of tartar sauce, and had to wait for it only to discover after we were on the road to KC that they put tartar sauce on it. Besides that the fish was very thin and cooked too long – I couldn’t bite it. We will not be stopping there again.

  33. we need to have the money to get my husbands teeth pulled as he has infection in his gums and does make him sick we love Hardees and wish we had one in Van Buren, Ark but when go by one we always choose to eat there

  34. we need to have the money to get my husbands teeth pulled as he has infection in his gums and does make him sick we love Hardees and wish we had one in Van Buren, Ark but when go by one we always choose to eat there NO I DID NOT POST THIS BEFORE

  35. we need to have the money to get my husbands teeth pulled as he has infection in his gums and does make him sick we love Hardees and wish we had one in Van Buren, Ark but when go by one we always choose to eat there NO I DID NOT POST THIS BEFORE what a rip off

  36. iate at Hardees in Andrews NC.I believe the onion rings iate were the nastiest i ever tried to eat.They were cold an awful.I ate half of one an yhrew the rest away.I live in western NC. The hardees in Hayesville NC is the best Hardees i ever been to.Food is always great an the Management are the nicest people.I will never go back to Andrews an eat period.

  37. Hardees in Perryville, Mo is good food, good service, good people working there. Hardees in Chester Il.. is terrible food, terrible service, rude people working there.
    what a disappointment when traveling through

  38. I had to wait forever in line in the drive thru. My food was cold and not right. I asked for mayor & onions to be added to my hot ham& cheese. It was right on the receipt but that was it!

  39. I was going to leave a comment on your happystarreview website, but when I saw that it opened my email account up to all kinds of unwanted email, I could not do it. What I wanted to say was this: I have liked Hardee’s food for a long time, but when you began your sexually charged ads, I stopped going to Hardees. I decided to try Hardees again tonight. The food was good, but I do not like the self-order kiosk. Too many people are out of jobs. I like the personal touch. After filling out my order the man behind the counter said he could have taken my order. Too late after I had input all I wanted.


  41. We had a satisfactory experience, our sit at the window was approximately 3 minutes. The Hardee’s in Paris, Illinois is usually clean, the waits sometimes are excessive, but the customer service is always excellent. You rarely get someone who isn’t smiling and courteous. Our favorite meal there is breakfast and we love the onion rings. Thanks for this chance at a this gift card. Have a great day.

  42. I was disappointed when I got home and only one of my BEC biscuits had bacon! Tried calling store and get long beeps when answered, like a fax machine. 🙁

  43. Bad experience at the drive thru, I placed my order, and as I waited behind one car I watched them give this car their order and than continued to have a full conversation with them as if I was not waiting. Finally, I get to the window the drive person gave me a staring look and said what did you order I didn’t get it. Although she gave me a total after I ordered . I then have to wait another 5minutes . I was given my food but not my drink. So I parked and went inside and no one came to the front counter even thought I was saying “Hello” I had to reach behind the counter for a cup and get my drink myself. Some of the worst employees and customers service I’ve seen.
    Hardee’s location: Mercury Blvd Hampton, VA
    CASHIER RAVEN . 10/30/16 8:54pm

  44. Im sitting hear exhausted but want to compliment the Hardees on2499 Blackstock Road Roebuck SC.Everytime I visit this Hardees I get a pleasant experience.The employee who always took my order was very friendly and my food always fresh

  45. 16 new clyde highway canton nc
    Worst hardees ever…… simple job put the food in the bag….. fail day after day, guess it’s too complicated to handle that.. and dumbest part is they want $15.00 an hour. I know plenty of people with less pay and people’s lives are in thier hands. Why the hell can’t you fill a simple order correctly. 4 days consecutively each week I order the same thing. And 4 for 4 they can’t seem to give me what I pay for. And they just don’t care.
    I’m done with hardees……

  46. Great experience at Hardee’s in Garner,N.C. Enjoyed the crew on Sunday November 6,2016. Good job I work fast food I know the struggle

  47. Extremely disappointment with the service at Hardee’s Little Creek Rd Norfolk Va # 2261 -1503481.

    Order# 432761 and refund # 303214 11/08/2016

    I waited in line for over 25mins then I was told when I got to the window I had to wait another 3mins for my chicken biscuits and was asked to pull over. I asked if they had something else ready because I couldn’t wait any longer. The cashier then said I had to wait an additional 8mins for biscuits and the oven broke down and no food was ready! They had absolutely no food cooked after waiting all that time!! They made me late for work and I had to wait for them to give me a refund as well! So very disappointing!!

  48. I went to the Hardee’s in Lavonia Ga I ordered soft tacos and like every other time I go they give me hard shell tacos I am sick and tired of going and not getting what I want the reason I keep trying is I like the tacos there better than Taco Bell the drve threw # is 2139 / 2275I would like for you to do something about this. Thank you very much John Harris

  49. went to hardees in Princeton ,nc. staff was the rudest I have ever encountered. they could care less about service. tables were dirty and no customers in there. now I know why. cashier was the rudest person I have ever encountered and needs to be fired. won’t go back. now know why hardees is not number one burger place. I plan to go to mcdonalds from now on.

  50. This was by far the worst place I have eaten. My boyfriend and I ordered two chili cheese dogs and an order of the new beercheese bacon fries. The buns were so hard you could break a tooth. The fries were cold and the were nothing like the picture they were straight fries not beer battered. When we asked about them the guy told me that thats what they were. He offered to replace them yet never did. We will not be back to Hardees again.

  51. Drive thru Hardee’s Wildwood, Fl. My order was 3 thick burger combos with 3 large fries and cokes plus a 5 pack of beef tacos. The screen had 2 combos then 1 combo no tacos. She told me she would have my total at the window. At window she told me $30.02. Short time later handed me a large bag with combos and another bag with tacos. Had to remind her about my 3 large drinks. Once home we discovered that the combos were little thick burgers, small fries and the 5 pack tacos were chicken not beef. Tacos were given to dog. WE’RE DONE WITH HARDEE’S.

  52. I loved my experience! Very friendly staff and my order was right! & they weren’t stingy with the ketchup like most Hardee’s are! Love my Hardee’s in Evergreen, AL!!!

  53. I’m having a really good experience in store #475 Carl Jr Oxnard California 93033 is one of the best food I ever eat and fresh made thanks I really appreciate it so much

  54. Went to Hardees on 15th street east Tuscaloosa, Al food was great. Hardees has turned into a advertiser for Budweiser beer.
    Leave off the beer, do not eat food with beer in it.

  55. Very unhappy that Carl’s Jr. no longer is offering the turkey burger. They have lost me as a weekly customer.

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