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People who love baked products surely know what IHOP is. This time, IHOP has decided to come up with an even better thing that is known as . For the people who actually do not know that IHOP is, it is basically an eatery where you get served with the best baked products. You might think that it has quite a weird name but this name is actually an abbreviation of International House of Pancakes. Obviously, as the name says, it is known for its amazing pancakes. Pancakes are surely not the only things to be eaten at IHOP. You can get your hands on the world’s best breakfast if you visit this place even once. One thing that differentiates IHOP from the other eateries that come up with the similar products is the amazing range of flavors of the syrups that the restaurant provides. You can also order a combo of your favorite breakfast having bacon, bread, toast or omelet. You name it and they have it. You can even go to the place to get your hands on lunches and dinners, as well as a lot of items appropriate for that time, are also available.

However, now the company has decided to move a step further and ensure that all the people who enter IHOP go out with the utmost amount of satisfaction and pleasure. For that, IHOP has come up with the initiation of TellIHOP that will let its customers fill up a survey form in which they will tell about all the positive and negative things of their last visit to the place at the website Now, you might think that this survey by you will surely help the company in getting better but how is it going to help you? The best thing about it is that once you will complete the survey, you will get a code. This code will help you in getting a stack of pancakes, free of cost. This will basically be a gift from the company to you for filling up the survey form and helping the company in getting better.

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