Mazzio’s Customer Loyalty Index Survey to win redeemable coupon

Participate in Mazzio’s Customer Loyalty Index Survey on to get your hand on to win a redeemable coupon by express your views about their products and services.

Mazzio’s began as a pizza parlor in Tusla Oklahoma in 1961 and was founded by Ken Selby. It is the parent company of Mazzio’s Italian Eatery and was the former parent company of Zio’s Italian Kitchen. There were around more than 100 franchise locations in Oklahoma. The Zio’s Italian Kitchen is partly located in Texas, Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Mazzio’s specializations are pizzas, sandwiches, pasta and Pepperonis. It also offers delivery at most locations and also many of its locations offers free Wi-Fi. They are well known for their different type of PriceBuster pizzas such as MeatBuster, CheeseBuster, PepperoniBuster, and SupremeBuster. Other special types of pizzas are Meat Feast, Taco, Alfredo, Lucky 7, Chicken Club, 4 Meat, Combo, Works, Fresh Veggie and Greek pizzas.

Why Mazzio’s Customer Loyalty Index Survey

Have you ever went to Mazzio’s with either friends or family for dinner? What do you say about their quick delivery services or the taste and quality of their products? Do you like them or not? You can tell this to Mazzio’s by being a part of the Mazzio’s Customer Loyalty Index Survey. The company owners created this survey to know about the opinions of their loyal and valued customers and what they think about their services, products, and restaurant. Your feedback will be appreciated, and Mazzio’s will provide you with a validation code at the end of the survey for further offers.

Useful Links

Mazzio’s Guest Satisfaction Survey Requirements:

  • Firstly, you need to have an active internet connection which you will be using for this purpose.
  • You need to have a device such as a laptop or a mobile to use the internet on it for accessing the Mazzio’s Customer Loyalty Index Survey online.
  • The receipt that is provided by the Mazzio’s outlet because for opening this survey you need to have the 5-digit serial number that is written on the receipt. Make sure you have it because if you don’t have the code, the survey page will not open.

The Procedure of Mazzio’s Survey

  • Go to the Mazzio’s Customer Loyalty Index Survey by opening the provided link:
  • Enter the 5 digit serial number that is written on the receipt so that you can proceed to the survey page.
  • Then you need to select your visit type: dine in, carry out or delivery. Choose accordingly with what you did.
  • Enter the date and time of your visit.
  • Fill the survey page by answering all the questions provided in the Mazzio’s Customer Loyalty Index Survey according to your experience.
  • After finishing the survey, you will be provided with a validation code. Keep it somewhere safe.
  • If you want to know further about the Mazzio’s, then you can visit their official website by opening the following link:

Mazzio's Customer Loyalty Index Survey


By being a part of Mazzio’s Customer Loyalty Index Survey, you will help the company to know how their customers feel towards them. You will help them in making their services better. In fact, the company will provide you with a validation code after completing the Mazzio’s Survey, which can be a surprise for you.

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