Participate in Money Shop Survey to win amazing cash prizes

To win £1,000 daily and/or £1,500 each week then get into the prize draw by filling the offered Money Shop Survey on the link to get your voice across.

About Money Shop

Money Shop runs a successful business in form of a subsidiary of Finance Group that is based in United Kingdom and Ireland. The company is special for its financial dealings such as loan borrowing, broker deals, currency exchange, payday loans and other financial deals.

Basically the company grants instant cash and finances to all those in need after a careful vetting process. Money Shop is a service that is easily accessible and efficiently operated by offering online application system and flexible working hours!

Step by Step Procedure for completing the online Money Shop Survey

To share your experience details with Money Shop you must share your views at the Money Shop Survey by reading and obeying the step by step guide given beneath for your ease:

  1. Click the web address given to open the official page for the Money Shop Survey
  2. You will be displayed the main page for the Money Shop Survey.
  3. Give the store code or ID for Money Shop branch that you availed the finance services from.
  4. Tell the exact time and day you visited Money Shop
  5. Type the customer ID and cashier number in its assigned space. These two are optional to enter so it is safe to skip this step.
  6. Look at your transaction bill from Money Shop to find the asked details
  7. Use the “Enter” button to go forward.
  8. Answer or respond or rate all questions and statements in the Money Shop Survey.
  9. Give a rating on the standard of their client service, item quality and environment of the store as asked in the Money Shop Survey
  10. Hit “Next” when you need to start from a fresh page.
  11. Type your contact details and you will be entered in to the lucky draw.
  12. Submit your completed Money Shop Survey.

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