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To tell your useful suggestions, feedback and ideas to Odeon complete the online Odeon Survey at the web link!

About Odeon

Odeon has 10 branches of entertainment theatres all across Ireland and 114 cinemas in the United Kingdom. The company started its very first cinema in 1928 with the name Picture House by Oscar Deutsch in Staffordshire. One of Deutsch’s branches is based in Perry Barr, Birmingham where the name Odeon was first time adopted in 1930.

Step by Step Guide to complete the online Odeon Survey

Keep reading and following the step by step instructions given below to successfully finish the whole of Odeon Survey and enlighten them with your suggestions, feedback and reviews:

  1. Open the web link given ahead of this step to gain access to the official page for the Odeon Survey
  2. You will instantly be guided to the main display page for the Odeon Survey through the web browser installed on the device that is in use
  3. Tell the age group that you fall in
  4. Then indicate your gender.
  5. Both of these details will be optional if you don’t want to enter them you can skip the two questions
  6. Then hit the button NEXT to proceed to Odeon Survey
  7. First you must give answers to a few basic questions such as which branch of Odeon cinema you visited, the exact date and time of your visit there and if you watched a movie or not
  8. Then rate various aspects of Odeon Cinema according to the visit you had there as honestly as you can.
  9. Keep reading and following all instructions to successfully finish the whole of Odeon Survey
  10. If you have any concerns or queries regarding sharing your personal details then you must go through the Privacy Policy
  11. In the end submit your completed Odeon Survey.

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