Participate in Taco Bell Survey to win $500 cash

Participate in Taco Bell survey and increase your chances of earning a sweepstake worth $500 cash. Taco Bell is one of the most famous fast food chains in the U.S. that has a broad range of Tex-Mex foods. Additionally, the company has 6500 branches across the U.S. and serves two billion customers annually. To further increase the loyalty of customers, and get valuable feedback on food, environment, and staff service, the company is offering its valued and loyal customers the opportunity to increase their chances of earning a $500 sweepstake every time they complete a Taco Bell survey (Tell The Bell).

Taco Bell

How to participate in Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Any customer can participate in their online survey available on their website; the website where you can complete a survey is as follows,

  1. (Taco Bell Survey Website Tell The Bell)

What difference would it make by participating in Taco Bell Survey?

Taco Bell Store

Every company is dependent upon feedback and requires criticism and suggestions to improve and grow. Additionally, consumers also appreciate when their opinions are heard, acted upon, and plays a crucial role in the success of a company. Taco Bell has been among one of the most successful companies in the U.S., and it requires feedback to judge its performance in several areas like food quality, taste, environment and staff service, so the company in return of feedback is offering a reward to its valued customer which can prove crucial in success of the company.

Requirements for online participation in Taco Bell Survey TellTheBell

Tell the Bell

To earn the $500 cash reward through the online Taco Bell survey at, an individual must have access to the internet, a valid receipt from your previous visit to Taco Bell. Furthermore, individual must be above 18, and will be required to complete the guest satisfaction survey in English or Spanish within thirty days of the last visit. Additionally, after filling basic information like store ID, time of visit and date – that is available on the receipt – Individuals must on this stage click ‘submit survey’ and then will automatically enter the competition. Finally, each participant will be required to fill some personal information and will be contacted if they are the winners.

6 thoughts on “Participate in Taco Bell Survey to win $500 cash

  1. I used to go to the Baytown store a lot and did others that I know… no one goes there any more because of the service
    there are a lot of 3 PM to 11PM workers around here the line used to be around the building. but the guy at the window is so bent on showing the girls that he is just like them that no one gets napkins , receipt the wrong change.. and looking in the drawer when he is on there is just money laying all over ( no order at all) .. so that is why no one goes
    there any more… Thank you

  2. I always enjoy the delicious food but today I found the real diamond in the rough. The staff. I had a complaint about the slight amount of cheese sauce I received for my chips. I told Crystal my concern and rather than getting a manager or anything else she went and got a little more for my cup and satisfied me .So quick so pleasant so satified. Thank you Taco Bell. I will be back.

  3. My wife and I went in to del taco on 6/26/17 at 12:56 pm. The cashier was not very friendly to us. Her name is Joy. The Del Taco restaurant #0904 Quartz Hill, ca. When we got our food we were going to sit at a table and the table was dirty we had to clean our own table and when we were eating our foods there was fly flying around our foods so we had to get up and live the restaurant.
    That is not how to run a friendly business. 1 – cashier was not friendly. 2 – dirty table. 3 – fly flying around the restaurant.

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