Participate in Tesco Survey to earn £1,000 Tesco gift card

Participate in Tesco Survey on to collect 25 Clubcard point or get a chance to win a £1,000 Tesco gift card by voicing your concerns and suggestions about their products and services.

Tesco has always been known for its amazing services and products but now the company has decided to move one step ahead and get to know about the honest customer reviews. The Tesco group has millions of customers all over the world and has hundreds of people working for it in many of its markets and is committed to offering the most convincing offers to its clients. The company that started in the country England is not just confined to one place now but has spread its roots all over the world. Today, Tesco keeps on concentrating on making the best decision for associates, clients, and the groups it serves. Tesco is one of the biggest and most prominent general store chain stores far and wide.

Why Tesco Guest Satisfaction Survey

Tesco Survey is a new activity started off by none other but your all time favourite company Tesco. Supplying new create, dairy and basic need things to their clients, Tesco needs to ensure they keep their clients returning. The review will make inquiries like; Was the Tesco staff amicable and supportive; Did you discover what you were searching for? Did you think the cost for the thing was reasonable?

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How to be a part of the Tesco Survey?

In the event that you need to be a part of the Tesco Survey, you have to realize that exclusive UK occupants are qualified to join in the Customer Satisfaction Survey. Alongside that, one and only overview section is permitted per family unit, every week. While one and only prize from the prize draw permitted per family unit. Victors will be advised by telephone or email so guarantee that you put in your right data. The procedure is truly basic and to begin, simply go to Tesco Customer Opinion Survey online page at Rate your level of fulfillment on various perspectives, for example, cleanliness in store, nature of nourishment, scope of items, level of stock, staff and checkout. Rate your general affections for the late visit. Enter your own data and present your study. When completing this study, you will be gone into a drawing for a £1,000 gift card and focuses on Clubcard for club members. Rate your probability of prescribing this home DEPOT to your companions or associates and tell your age, sexual orientation, family unit salary and leave any remarks about the store. Round out your own contact data toward the end to get one section into the sweepstakes.

Tesco Survey


After completing Tesco customer satisfaction survey, you will get a chance to collect 25 Clubcard point or win a £1,000 Tesco gift card through the sweepstakes program. Tesco Survey helps the company to get customers suggestions and feedback about their services.

91 thoughts on “Participate in Tesco Survey to earn £1,000 Tesco gift card

  1. This is the time of year that new university students begin living away from home and are consequently shopping for food supplies for themselves, but in none of your stores can I find the facility for me ,as a grandma to be able to put money on a card for my grand daughter when she goes to university . Your competitors are using the student/parent card. So have you missed out on this lucrative market?

    1. Hi Tesco – I am really wanting to contact you to let you know, that I visited you Leith Tesco store in Edinburgh in September 2016. I met you community champion Kirsty. What a wonderful member of staff you have chosen to represent TESCO Leith. She is an amazing champion – When I asked for TESCOs help, she listened carefully to what I was saying – then replied in what way can we help? This was magic to my ears. I was so pleased with this response as you already support so many charities like BHF and Diabetes UK. The reason I had entered your store to ask for your help is that we are hosting a large free event for Older Adults at Meadowbank Sports Stadium, London Road in Edinburgh this Thursday 13th October from 12.30-4.00. We are having come and try sessions, information stall, entertainment and also a Tea Dance from 2.00 – 4.00. The footfall last year was 400+ people so we hope we will have the same turn out again this year. I volunteer for the Ageing Well Project in Edinburgh and help older adult in our local communities to become less isolated,,more active and meet new people.
      Kirsty kindly gave me a feedback number 6279, but I was unable to enter it into the relevant box on my computer. Hopefully you will receive this comment and enter me into the draw. It would be wonderful to have the funds to help more older adults become involved in what we are doing in our local community.

  2. Agree with above: this site is not functioning. Unable to take part in the survey. On today’s visit to Tesco Express I bought a packet of breaded ham and one of roast beef: Despite being exactly the same price as all of the other cold meats, the breaded ham did not qualify for the 2 for £3 offer available. It was surrounded by all the other options and I had not noticed that fact. This was annoying and very odd to me. Everything else was excellent, but this did seem bizarre. Why did the breaded ham not qualify for the same offer as the honey roast ham?

  3. Brilliant service! I am always served by a very helpful assistant named Guzel.
    I shop at the tesco express shop on the Oxford Road in Reading.

  4. Lovely clean store running like a clock ,good value and service a great pity about endeavouring to sign in for reviews your ITrequires a kick start .
    I have lost my opportunity for a chance to win a tesco gift card or is a chance?!

    1. Like many of your customers I was unable to complete the survey. I was half way through when it failed to respond.
      However I have to tell you I was very impressed with your baker (Tom) in the Tesco store at St Oswalds Park Gloucester. I visited the store at 2.30pm on 08.10.16 in the hope of purchasing a harvest loaf for the service at our village church, I really didn’t think I would have any success as I hadn’t ordered one. However I was told by the baker (Tom) that they would bake one for me if I could return in a couple of hours which I did. It was ready for me when I returned and Tom took it to the car for me he could not have more helpful. He really is an asset to your company, also the young girl who initially took the order. May I also thank the Tesco store for not charging for the Harvest loaf, it was much appreciated. It looked very impressive in the church on Sunday.

      Many thanks to Tom

  5. What a rubbish service!!
    I typed my digit numbers several times but the answer was it was not valid.
    They just took my time.

    Sorry, that is not a valid answer. Please try again.

  6. I visited Tesco farm tofork yesterday eve with a group and wanted to let you knowhow brilliant it was but unable to enter code.

  7. I visited the Tesco EXtra in St Helens when my shopping was complete I walked to the exit to be greeted by the friendly check out staff who are on the whole are always very friendly cheerful & willing to help. My cashier on this day was Doreene she started to pack my shopping because I had rather a lot of items & I was on my own. This made a huge difference to getting through the till point. I always que to be served by a person as I don’t like those automatic tills. We exchanged a conversation & ”Doreene” thanx for your help.

  8. I was unable to access the survey. i was also annoyed that staff stocking shelves at a busy time had “parked” their trolley things right in the middle of the aisles and I could not get past on either side of them.

  9. I visited Tesco mobile recently as I had a problem with my phone on speaking to the assistant who was named zara and without a minimum off fuss she sorted my phone out she was very helpful and polite she is a credit to her profession instore well done and thanks

  10. Had superior service from Lewis and Roni when we went to the store at Hattersley. Roni got my wife’s new phone connected and Lewis helped us with our grocery as we are pensioners and not as agile as we used to be. This was in September 2016. We have had hospital treatment so my comment is a little late.
    Yesterday we shopped at the same store and Harry was on checkout, he helped us pack and lifted our groceries into the trolley for us. It is so refreshing to meet young people who are so helpful and respectful of age

  11. I tried to tell you about my trip to tesco sheringham but your site was just ‘grey’ & I was unable to put any details in. I wondered if it was my phone but after reading some of the comments I realise it must be your website. I was disappointed that I was unable to have a chance to win tesco gift card & collect 25 clubcard points.

  12. Sorry, that is not a valid answer. Please try again.
    Next “2445” is valid shopped on Friday – what the hell is going on. You really need to check out this site as it does not work effectively!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hi

    I wanted to let you know how delighted I was to be helped in your Kingston Park Store (Tesco mobile ) by a young man called Josh.

    He was able to give me information regarding my phone, and helped me enormously with my query.

    He was polite and professional and a credit to your staff! I do hope he continues to be so, and that he is recognised in this aspect?


  14. whats the point in giving us a card to complete a survey and you cannot enter the number on the card given – is this just a gimmick?

  15. Tried to put in the 4 digit code for your survey 5 times to no avail. Why does it not accept it.I look forward to your reply.

  16. I have been a regular buyer of Tesco’s own label Lasagne ( 1.5 kg ) for many years, but recently myself and partner fell it tastes too bland, lacking in herbs and flavours. The mince content, cheese sauce, are fine, but the dish is lacking in Italian flavour, be it basil, oregano, garlic, or whatever else. So come on Tesco, bring back the Italian in your Lasagne ! Aldi and lidl awaits !

  17. I have shopped at the Thornton Health store for many years, without any trouble, until a few months ago. The store started security tagging their fresh fish which is supposed to be cancelled at the checkout when scanned. Today I set off the alarm for the 11th time because the scanner did not disable the tag, my bill was checked and the guard apologised for the problem as they usually do and said he would get it sorted as they usually do. I would be 1 of the many people leaving Tesco if only my Sainsbury’s did fresh fish. Sort it out Tesco if the system does not work as it should don’t use it.

  18. Today I visited your store in Liverpool in Hanover st. I was laden with xmas shopping and asked a young man named Callum on fruit on veg to help me . He stopped what he was doing and said he couldn’t answer my query but he would go and find someone who could. He came back with all the information I needed and more. Such a pleasant change from the usual answer(don’t know)
    Just had to write and tell you my experience today.

  19. Cannot enter the number on the card given.
    Tesco Berkhamsted staff are always pleasant and helpful.
    Please enter me for the draw and my extra points, thank you

  20. I am sick and tired of trying to earn the 25 extra points it has never allowed me to do so,and i must of tried loads of times.They should give me some points just because of all the time i have spent messing around trying to use their questionaire.

  21. it was good but some people who i asked to help me find some stuff
    were very rude and i don’t think i will come to tesco’s again

    thank you

    by charlie lovett

  22. I cannot open the survey page which is a shame as I wished to comment on the help and cheerfullness of young JOSH on the Fruit and Veg section of your Northwich store.

  23. I made a shambles of paying the bill for my goods a few days ago at Exeter Tesco’s store but John 5007 was very patient with me for which I would like to thank him.

  24. I could not enter my 4 digit number from my to-day’s till receipt, something wrong here.
    I am annoyed because I spent over £40.00 with you to-day and forgot to take my £8.00
    voucher with me so I asked if I could bring it in to-morrow to have the voucher redeemed, and the staff said No. Why not, when I shop with you all the time.

  25. Living in cork Ireland tried to enter your survey it would not accept the 4digit on my card from what I can tell I was not the only one .

  26. I tried to put the 4 digit number in but it would not take it I just want to congratulate you on your Community Champion Ann Broome she is amazing and a peoples person and is very helpful and is brilliant out in the community. Oriel Gamble Lisburn N. Ireland.

  27. I have shopped at Tesco for many years and I have regularly purchased the 3litres boxes of Australian white wine at 14pounds, I was shocked today when the price is now 15pounds 50p. A momuntmental increase, please explain

  28. got to the last page of the survey then the (*******) thing stopped working, not like the staff, especially Sarah, they couldn’t be more helpful.

  29. WHY do we have to have this totally waste of time, printing and other overheads “Clubcard”? WHY can’t we have lower prices on the shelves instead? Other superstores deleted them YEARS ago!

  30. I wasted my time and temper on this survey:on the last page,it failed to respond. I wanted to let Tesco know how I felt about my negative experience there today,but they obviously don’t care enough to get a proper functioning website. Thank the Lord for Sainsbury and Aldi!

  31. everything is perfectly fine at my local Tesco, although it can be upsetting when
    they do not have tabacco and/or alcohol products that i want to by midweek.

  32. Went into the store at Greenock staff on customer service was really help Karen McCann and peter off the games dept . would like to say thank.

  33. thank you Tesco to day . I had paid £34 for a present for my grandson for xmass from toys r us but then when I got to Tesco the same toy was only £14 so I took the toy back to toys r us came back to Tesco and got two for the price of one with change merry xmas tesco

  34. I have been trying to put in the code but it will not take it can you tell me why this is Tesco in chard somerset what is going on waist of time

  35. I was on my way home from work recently and had to stop at my local Tesco store to purchase a few items, I actually needed 4 items, but could I remember the forth, I stood in the fresh meat isle looking lost, then a member of staff came up to me and asked it he could help, so I told him I couldn’t remember the last item I required, he then went through a list of items and eureka he mentioned the item, sweet chili sauce, I was so grateful that someone like that was in store at that time, well done, I have always found the staff friendly and helpful.

  36. I have the following supermarkets within 1.5 miles of home
    Tesco, Asda, Lidle, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Iceland, But I pretty much most of the time use Tesco as there pretty constant with prices, and quality, also when they have offers there usually worth having

  37. We have a large selection of Supermarkets nearby so we tend to be very selective in our shopping.
    The most used is Tesco followed by Lidl who have replaced Sainsburys at second place.
    Tesco scores by having a consistant stock of branded goods at low prices and better more helpful floor staf plus the very important clubcard points. Lidle scores ( locally ) by having very good quality bread and cakes ( Tesco bread deteriorated price versus quality a year or so back ) also Lidl seem to have very good weekly promotional offers on vegetables and fruit and a wide selection of continental beers and delecacies.

  38. WHY do we have to suffer your awful money wasting clubcard? Other supermarkets deleted theirs YEARS ago. Deleting it would enable you to LOWER prices on your shelves, save the cost of printing all the literature and distributing it, as well as the time wasted by cashiers trying to scan them, YES that does happen in the real world!


  40. HI
    I like everybody else could not enter my code.
    I shop in chineham basingstoke and always look out for Gavin on the tills
    he is always bright and chirpy a great asset to Tesco Chineham.

  41. At the till Natalie was charming and other staff in the store we extremely helpful, The store in question is your Tofil branch.

  42. So today i shopped at Tesco and was given a chance to win a £1000 Tesco gift card to give feed back on my experience of shopping there and for the service i received at the checkout but i cannot even enter the 4 digit code, it is not accepting it, makes me feel just a waste of time

  43. Having already entered the competition I would now like to commend the assistant “Olly” at the Tesco Branch The Wicker Sheffield for his most helpful information and service in my purchase of a mobile phone. I’ts good to find an assistant so helpful!

  44. why have a survey that does not allow you to enter the code? Just finished shopping at Renfrew, I find it annoying that things like potatoes are only sold in huge bags – far too much for a single person to consume befopre most of them rot. Other than that and everything being moved about so you have to ask for assistance to find items that are not where they logically should be, it was fairly positive at least the staff are pleasant and helpful.

  45. Still not able to enter my number but the girls who help me at the store are called Caz, Angie, Wendy and Sally and they are wonderful. Nothing is too much for them to deal with. Thanks girls, love to you all and a very Merry Christmas

  46. will not let me put the card number in or enter the survey the number is 3050 got petrol today 18th dec at potters bar tesco

  47. took part in survey,no idea where im supposed to put the 5008 number I was given on a card……all seens a little complicated to me

  48. I have shopped at tesco for many years, however my local has changed so much since November. I always Shop on a Sunday morning. Shelves empty, cooked meat out of date, freshly made bread still in the kitchen area wrapped but not on display until 10am. Talk about a complete shambles. The poor till staff can only apologise. What a tragic shame that I will now have to shop at Asda. Disgruntled ex shopper

  49. Have visited Tesco Market Rasen today. Was going to buy steak for dinner, but did
    not, as every piece of steak was from Ireland and I will not buy anything from Ireland.
    Why do you not have more selection in British United Kingdom Meat. I am English
    and Isupport my own country. Lidl and Aldi provide british meat and if you will not,
    you will lose out.




  51. Tried to enter Tesco survey and comments several times, would not accept date of last shop, so gave up. Very frustrating. I wanted to tell you about my shopping experiences at Tesco Express Witts Hill Southampton. I am disabled and walk with two sticks. The staff there are brilliant. They help me get goods from the high shelves, pack my shopping and put it in my trolley. One lent me her mobile to get a taxi, when mine wouldn’t work. One day I was indisposed, and embarrassed, they were very kind and all so Cheerful.

  52. 30th March 2017 Had home delivery in St.Albans this morning, tried to do survey, but it would not accept my code number. Spent quite a long time on it, but no luck.
    My delivery driver, Kevin Grace, was fantastic, couldn’t ask for better, Thank you ****

  53. cannot enter 4 digit code was really impressed with Michael Coady on checkout, really helpful with sorting items, so polite, smart, and made us feel like he enjoyed serving us, we are two o a p ‘s who appreciate politeness.
    This was at Skegness branch and was very busy

  54. I did a post your views survey on 7-3-17 and despite several reminders have not been given the 25 points-I did say it would be statement time soon but yet again nobody was bothered-if you can’t take the flak on views then you should abandon the idea.

  55. Did get on site but it got stuck just wanted to say thanks when my car broke
    Down last year thanks for the help linda

  56. We went for are breakfast at bar hill. We asked for toast. They brought four slices it was not toasted I asked they said that’s the best the toaster can do for it’s not working We were not very happy.

  57. went in get few bits the staff was standing talking not keeping eye how need help on the checkouts selfsevise

  58. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest and participation in our surveys, and hope that you continue to enjoy your Irish Opinions experience!

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