Participate in Tesco Ireland Survey to earn €250 gift card

Participate in Tesco Ireland Survey at to unlock a validation code to get your hands on to collect 25 Clubcard points and a €250 gift card by sharing your views about their products and services.

Participation in the Tesco Ireland Survey is very simple, just log on to and enter your 4-digit code which is printed on your receipt. However, if you are unable to find the code see below picture:


After entering your 4-digit code, then click “Enter” button to get started with the Tesco Ireland Survey. Answer the questions asked by the company about how they doing.

Some fun facts about Tesco include:

  • Tesco’s first supermarket opened in 1956 in a converted cinema. It now has a total of 4,811 stores including 2,482 in Britain, employing 472,000 staff worldwide.
  • 1 in every 7 pounds spent in the UK in 2007 was spent in Tesco.
  • In the mid 1990s, it had 500 stores.  15 years later, there were 2,500 stores.
  • Tesco is one of the most profitable online grocery distributer in the world.

So, if you want to help Tesco Ireland serve you better, fill out the customer survey at You might even get €250 gift card just for sharing your opinions.

How to participate in Tesco Ireland Survey

To fill out the Tesco Ireland Survey and take part in their prize draw, follow the procedure given below:

  1. Visit the following URL from your browser: This will take you to the Tesco Ireland Survey page.
  2. Enter the 4-digit survey code, which is located on both your receipt and your Clubcard (if you have one).
  3. Click “Enter the survey” to begin the survey.
  4. Answer all the required questions regarding the goods and services of Tesco Ireland and submit the survey.

You can also take part in the short survey by scanning the QR code on your receipt or Clubcard, or by calling 1800817282. Completing the survey will give you 25 Clubcard points, and enter you into the prize draw for a Tesco gift card worth €250.

However, before taking part in the survey, make sure you are:

  • A legal resident of the Republic of Ireland
  • Over the age of 18
  • Not an employee (or immediate family or agents of employees) of Tesco Stores Ltd. or InMoment Inc.

About Tesco

Going to Tesco is part of everyday life for people in Europe; it is the one place where you can find everything you need or want. In fact, once you go to Tesco, you come home with things you never knew you needed, or that they even existed.

A multinational retailer of grocery and general merchandise, Tesco has served customers in various countries for many years, and continues to be the first choice of shoppers, all because the people at Tesco know how important it is to listen to the customer’s complaints and suggestions.

54 thoughts on “Participate in Tesco Ireland Survey to earn €250 gift card

    1. I am trying to write a message complimenting a member of staff in Sandymount but you keep telling me thenumber on my receipt is incorrect, I had this trouble a long time ago and presumed you had fixed it.

  1. I had the pleasure of being assisted by a lovely Tesco employee,Caroline Thomas.Ihad tried to use your automatic facilitys which did not operate.I would still be there until this lovely person came to my rescue.thank you so much.

  2. Completed survey . Will not complete at end entered valid code. It recognised what store I had visited. Time wasting

  3. I arrived at TESCOS WILTON at 10 am TO-DAY. NO SHALLOW TROLLEYS AGAIN. Several elderly people like myself waited for at least 20 mins. Complained twice and was told Tescos only have 27 shallow trolleys. Eventually, took mobile blue trolley only to be told I could not take it to the car.
    I refused to leave until one of your staff got one which took her more than five minutes and, obviously, she had run all over the place as she was out of breadth when she got back. She was very helpful. I JUST WANT TO ASK YOU DO YOU KNOW HOW DIFFICULT IT IS FOR AN ELDERLY PERSON WITH A BAD BACK (OR JUST BEING OLD) TO USE A BASKET. WHOEVER YOU ARE YOU ARE NOT ON TOP OF YOUR JOB. WE CANT USE DEEP TROLLEYS. ALDIS NEXT

    1. im 76 and know how frustrating your experience was…the way many stores etc treat us seniors is appaling ageism in “friendly” Ireland!

  4. If you want people to participate in your “feedback” survey then you need to simplify it. The survey would not accept the code number I had been given and the whole process is way too complicated and way too time consuming.

  5. Shopped at Tesco in Dundrum and found the experience alright but your “A chance to win £250 Tesco gift card impossible to access.

  6. I don’t want to participate in a survey and get all sorts of offers about merging pdf files. I just want to make an observation. Recently I bought two items amounting to €3.98. Because of rounding, I paid €4.00. However, I received only three points, not four. Seems there’s an injustice there! Dunnes doesn’t do much rounding – if they have the few cents they’ll give them in change. I usually save them so I’ll have the exact amount for Tesco.

  7. Would not take code, love shoping at Tesco Kilbarrack great staf
    I go to one lady on check 2 her name is Theresa , she make you feel so welcome she always so funny she make my day , , Can I say can you get
    some small trolleys in as the big trolleys are too big for me , as I have a lot of back pain,,
    Thank you
    Collette O Toole

  8. Entered 4digit code on card and telling me invalid,shop was Gorey Tesco very annoying as I have 4 with same codes on them?

  9. tried to enter code 3595 – number on card & bottom of receipt from tonight, tesco Clondalkin – on and told “number not valid”. Rang the 1800 Survey number, and entered code on phone keypad – was told the same thing. This is ridiculous, time-wasting, incompetent. Bad impression of Tesco, Tell us how we’re doing eh?

  10. Unable to access with code but would like to compliment Tesco and its staff in Clarehall in particular Caitriona she is on the tills. she is so friendly and helpful and always pleasant to customers and very well informed on what is on special in the store. I always go to her till for this very reason. Keep up the good work Caitriona.

  11. Hi I love to shop at Tesco arty key Limerick but I was very confused the lady forgot to give me my phone top so I went back the next day to meet a manger and he told me that I had wait 5hours for him to go back on the camera so did in the cold and when I returned to the shop he hadend the manners to come and give it to and no appogle so Ian not very impressed after all I leave a lot of my income in Tesco so I think the Costner is always right and should be treated with respect not as one of he’s employee what a shame the staff are so helpful and nice .

  12. Tesco in Navan shopping centre is an excellent store,fresh food ,many specials and very friendly staff.Kindly sort out the survey…each time I enter my code I’m told it’s invalid.

  13. Entered number on bottom of receipt but advised that it was invalid number, tried numerous times, also doesnt exist. called your 1800 number but it was a waste of time .
    Can somebody get the finger out and rightify these problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. F Bennett always shop in tesco Clara hall Friday mornings .find the staff really helpful especially catriona .have to use a walking stick and need one of the smaller trolley recently every time I put a euro in when I try to put it back my euro just won’t come out so to date I have lost five euro .lots of people have tried to help but to no avail also the trolleys are very difficult to manage .SuperValu and Dunne’s have invested in really light and easy to wheel ones thinking of moving back to SuperValu also when I enter my code number it is never recognized

  16. it has been a pleasure shopping in tesco the qualities are just so high standered i find the staff very supportive I’ve done my shopping today and it was amazing to see new staff every now and then tesco has very good service as well I’d love to win €250 tesco gift card I’ve always participated to this survey but never won hopefully this one will cheer me up

  17. I shop at Tesco’s regularly. It is always a pleasant experience. The staff are lovely and very helpful. The Donore Tesco is the one I regularly shop at and sometimes the one in Dundalk. I know their standards are very high and their products are very high quality. I would recommend them to everyone.

  18. On Friday 2nd last I purchased a small packet of supposedly “Irish New Season Potatoes” of varying shapes and sizes . On preparing them on Sunday 4th I cut the very large one in half to even up the size and was surprised to find it rotten inside. Needless to say, this had to be disposed of, but I cooked most of the remainder ( there were not many in the pack) and they were tastleless, goey and horrible. The sell by date was 3rd August, size 30-80 mm, 1279CU 3271 F2.
    The packet said “expertly selected for freshness and quality.” Suggest you change your supplier…..

  19. As usual, the online promotion seems to be a scam, the code is not accepted, (6397), this has happened numerous times, false advertising at its best, last time for me to try this promotion, switching to Dunnes stores!!

  20. I have tried numerous times to enter in the codes for the survey and doesnt accept them or you are half way through the survey and cannot move on to the next question. Advice????

  21. Really anoyed at way was treated today , bought Tesco finest hickory smoked bacon x2 , bought on the 1st September, to discover when putting in our fridge was dated 24th August 9 days out of date , mangers reply over muffled phone , was to bring it back in for refund , hmm I live in Balla 14km away no apology just refund , is that customer service at its best I ask you

  22. Put in my code (last 4 digits on my club card) It did not accept but told me number was invalid. Please explain.

  23. I just wanted to say that going to Tesco in Drogheda is a pleasure.
    The friendly voices of the checkouts workers would do your heart good and they offered to put heavy items into my trolley which I appreciated. Keep up the good work.

  24. Had a very positive experience at Tesco Park Pointe , Dun Laoghaire . Got some groceries there on Friday 21st Jan . I inadvertently left my credit card in the chip and pin unit and left with my shopping . I only discovered my faux pas on Monday 24th and I returned to the store . They had a record of my card being found when I approached the customer service counter . The card was securely kept in their cash office . The female staff member at the customer service counter and the male staff member who got my card were most helpful . Furthermore I was asked for ID before my card was returned to me which was very reassuring .

  25. I have been shopping at Tesco since May 23, 2022, almost weekly, I have filled out the surveys, which indicates that for each completed survey, I should receive 25 points on my clubcard, I check the balance and there is not a single point registered, I It seems a lack of what they promise and do not fulfill. They waste time.

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