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Are you also tired of typing and sending URLs in your emails only to see them break when they are delivered and the recipient then has to cut and paste it in the address bar to pull it back together? Of course we all have been there once but with the services of, you can enter any URL in the text field without having it break or expire making it not only convenient for you but for your recipient as well.

Guide to use the URL Shortening Service

The change that makes is quiet straightforward at this web address You can simply paste a long URL inside the text place and then tap on the button for just enter a long URL “Make Tiny URL” and this will generate a short, manageable URL for you which you can easily post in emails to be sent without breaking.

So the choice is yours, that which sort of URL you wish to paste into your browser? The short one or the long one? You do not have to deal with long URLs anymore and use the services of to get a short one. In order to paste this anywhere you should click and keep holding the ctrl key on your keyboard along with the alphabet V key or simply select “paste” from the menu.

What is Tiny URL?

TinyURL is essentially a service that shortens URL and is free of cost which provides you a convenient and manageable replacement for long links hence generating URL based emails a convenient process. This service was started back in the start of 2000 by a famous web developer Kevin Gilbertson and now is used all across the glove.

Furthermore it is important to note that TinyURL has s quick tool which you can download on your browser’s toolbar and this further provides a API that will let apps create shorter URLs on their own.

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