How to pay your TOLL-BY-PLATE Invoice?

The TOLL-BY-PLATE Invoice is a web based service that is present on a single website and will let you clear all your toll violation payments, clear your payments for the uniform traffic citations and even find the nearest location where you can pay these invoices and violation fees in form of cash.


Now if you wish to explore further details you can read through the official TOLL-BY-PLATE Program Guide present on the official website. If you use this program you can easily get rid of your tolls invoice in no time and the clients of SunPass will be given a discount a 25% on all tolls with the TOLL-BY-PLATE Invoice.

Introduction to TOLL-BY-PLATE

TOLL-BY-PLATE is an online electronic toll invoice collection platform which can recognize the amount that each person is liable to pay by capturing their images of their respective offenders°Ø vehicle license plates.

Requirements to pay your TOLL-BY-PLATE Invoice

1.       Get your internet connection enabled on your computer, laptop or any other device that you have.

2.       You must have a credit card number or an account number which will allow you to pay your invoices online.

3.       You can clear the payments of your TOLL-BY-PLATE invoice which is delivered to you by the Florida Turnpike Enterprise (FTE).

4.       You must be a registered citizen of the license plate that has to be consistent with what is written on the document of the invoice.

Step By Step Guide to pay your TOLL-BY-PLATE Invoice

1.       Access the official website of the TOLL-BY-PLATE Invoice by visiting this link and then tap on “pay TOLL-BY-PLATE Invoice Online”

2.       Now give your TOLL-BY-PLATE invoice document details, invoice number and your account number which can be located on your TOLL-BY-PLATE invoice document which was sent to you by the Florida Turnpike Enterprise (FTE), and then tap on the button for °∞view documents°±.

3.       When you sign in you can easily clear your invoices online at this platform

4.       If you also have gotten the Unpaid Toll violation, or have the Uniform Traffic Citation, then tap on other links which are given on the official TOLL-BY-PLATE website.

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