Detect plagiarism using Turnitin Login

Are you a teacher at a school or university who is constantly worried about the assignments they receive and whether they are even original or not? Well you should be.

This is the reason why you have the option to make your account using the Turnitin Login because this allows you to keep a check on the plagiarism!

Turnitin Login

Even if you are a student who just wants to make sure that you do not make a glitch while paraphrasing or referencing, a Turnitin Login is just what you need.

You can make your account right away and you will not be giving in plagiarized assignments and research papers anymore. The highlighted text will show you exactly where to make the changes and then you will be done!

How to get started with making your Turnitin Login

The first thing you will have to make sure about is that you have a device on which you are able to access their website.

You can get your hands on a computer, laptop, tablet or a mobile phone to get started. Also make sure that you have a good internet connection on the device of your choice.

Now, all you will have to do is follow the steps that have been given below and you will be done in no time.

Steps to follow

  1. Go to their website by clicking on
  2. In the top bar, you will see the option of “Create Account” and “Login”.
  3. If you have an account, you can click on the latter option but if you have to make your account, you will have to click on the former option.
  4. You have an account with them, you just need to enter your email address and password to login.
  5. If you do not have an account, let them know if you want to create an account as a student or as a teaching assistant.
  6. Enter the class ID.
  7. Also enter the class enrollment key.
  8. Enter your first and last name.
  9. Enter your email address.
  10. Also type in the password.

Your account will be created after you click on “Create Profile”.

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