The Walmart Photo Center

What if you go to see special photos and articles every day printed along with your beloved family members and friends, leaving you refreshed every day. This can easily happen with the services of the Walmart Photo Center, where you can create your own customized pictures such as on book covers, mugs, pillows, blankets, calendars and what not.

Walmart Photo Center

How to Create Your Customized Photo Products using Walmart Photo Center?

Once your personalized photos have been created and printed onto the books, mugs, calendars etc then they will be delivered to the nearest Walmart Store free of cost. You can make your account on the Walmart Photo Center to get a hold of your items and here is how:

1.       Open this page and tap on “Start Here” present towards the top.

2.       Enter all the asked personal details such as your name, residential address and give your agreement to the Terms & Conditions to finish the registration.

3.       Then you can sign in to the Walmart Photo Center by entering your email address and password.

How to upload your digital photos on the Walmart Photo Center?

If you somehow don’t have internet then you can get your memory card or any photo CD directly to the Photo Center on the Walmart store and upload all pictures free of cost and these are the quick steps for it:

1.       Tap on the “Upload Photos” button present on the navigation bar to the tap and give your agreement to the Copyright Statement.

2.       Set the title for the album, select the settings for uploading and then tap on “Select Photos” to continue ahead.

3.       Choose the photo from your library or from Facebook and then click on “Done Uploading” to complete the procedure and then keep on adding pictures by clicking the button “Upload More”.

4.       Inside the “My Photo” column you can manage all your albums of family and friends.

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