How to use WheresMySuitcase Service?  

A well planned vacation or a trip home can very well be ruined in a matter of moments if your luggage gets delayed. It is indeed irritating when one doesn’t get their luggage on time of arrival so imagine how awesome it would be if all passengers can easily keep a track of their luggage online by monitoring its logistics. This is the service that WheresMySuitcase has to offer at and can easily be used by any passenger travelling on any airline.


Guide to Track Your Delayed Airline Baggage with WheresMySuitcase Service

  1. Open this link and choose your airline service by tapping on its symbol
  1. Then state your last name and the confidential reference ID after which you can be assisted for monitoring your luggage that you have to receive.
    Note: This Confidential Reference Number can be the Baggage Delivery ID, the Bag Tag ID or any Claim Ticket number. This can easily be located on your documents from your airline or when you file your claim for the delayed luggage.
  2. Then tap on “Submit” to view the baggage delivery status from beginning to end.
  3. Tap on “Hold My Delivery” to tell the exact time and date when your luggage will get delivered or to check if there is any hold.
  4. If you do not wish to be annoyed when your luggage has arrived then you can use the button for “Waive Signature” and the baggage will arrive without any sign.
  5. You can even modify your delivery location by tapping on the button for UPDATE beneath the delivery detail and simply change your delivery address before your luggage can be dispatched for delivery. In order to get the recent most status on your delivery, you need to tell your valid email ID by tapping on the button that reads “Update” and follow the prompts.

To locate your baggage all you have to do is visit this for assistance.


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