Fill KFC UK Survey to win a 20% discount voucher! 

KFC UK wants to hear from their clients at their KFC UK Survey which can be accessed on and once it is completed you will be given a 20% discount voucher which you can avail on your next visit to KFC. KFC is a renowned fast food chain that has been the go to place for almost everyone since childhood but now KFC wishes to hear from their clients hence it is time to return the favor.

KFC UK Survey

Are there any rewards for filling the KFC UK Survey?

Once you complete the entire KFC UK Survey you will be sent a discount voucher worth 20% discount which you can avail whenever you decide to visit any branch of KFC next time and eat there.

Are there any rules for completing the KFC UK Survey?

  • First of all you of course need a device that is connected with a reliable internet connection to be able to open the official page for KFC UK Survey.
  • You should have the recent most purchase slip from KFC when you last time ate there.
  • A pen or a pencil.
  • You must remember how your experience was when you last time went to KFC.
  • You should have command over basic English to be able to attempt the KFC UK Survey.
  • Your web browser must have Javascript enabled on it.

What is the procedure for completing the KFC UK Survey?


  1. Open up this hyperlink to open the official page for KFC UK Survey.
  2. You must go through all the rules for cookies as shown on the first page and then press CONTINUE.
  3. Then type in the number of the store and the order ID as written on your purchase slip.
  4. Then write the date and time when you last time visited KFC, this will also be printed on your purchase slip in case you cannot recall.
  5. Now answer if your meal was a take away, dine-in or via drive-thru.
  6. Then answer all the questions as asked.
  7. Once the entire KFC UK Survey is done you will be shown a 20% discount voucher. Copy down this code on your purchase slip.
  8. When you next time go to KFC show this voucher and you will get your 20% discount.

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