Activate YouTube Slash To Stream More Videos

YouTube was created as a centralized video-hub where people can discover and watch videos of all genres. Almost all of the videos at YouTube are free to watch but some maybe charged a certain fee by content providers and to keep a morality check, certain videos that might contain some offensive content are only available for viewers who are 18 or above.

However, the videos are only restricted in your PC but with YouTube Slash you are can watch YouTube on your game console, smart TV, streaming-media box, or cable/satellite set-top box. And top all that off, if you have a Google account then you are set to sign in at YouTube.


  • Make sure you own a Google Account
  • You must have downloaded the YouTube App on your device from the link

Guidelines to Sign In at YouTube App

This guide will get you through the sign in steps for YouTube Slash:

  • Once you have downloaded YouTube Slash, launch the app on your device, go to the sign in page and stay on this page
  • Once you have launched the app, visit the URL in your web browser
  • Google Account sign in page will open. Enter your username and click Next then enter your password and hit Sign In. In case you have more than one accounts at Google, select the one you use with YouTube
  • Once you have signed in, an activation code will appear on your YouTube Slash app that you have launched in your device. Note that activation code and enter it in the text box on your browser and hit “Continue”. You will now have a chance to accept or deny the request.
  • Once you have completed this process, you will see a confirmation screen pop up in your YouTube Slash app.
  • You have now successfully signed in to your YouTube and watch videos on your device.

If you face any problems in successfully signing in with a channel that you have linked with Google, then your device cannot support channel management. Hence, you must adjust YouTube advanced account settings and use the most recent version of your YouTube Slash app. Or you can sign out and sign in again to successfully use the app.

The most interesting aspect of this is that you can convert your device as a remote and watch your videos on your TV screen.

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