Fortiva Credit Card and its Acceptance Code

Fortiva Credit Card caters to the hassles and repercussions of those who have to face the disastrous effects of bad credit score and bad credit rating.

Introduction to Fortiva Credit Card

  • Fortiva Credit Card is sent to those individuals who on a Mastercard but are the victims of average or bad credit
  • This card is issued with fraud liability of $0 fraud liability
  • It also has an EMV chip enabled to curtail the risks involving counterfeiting

All of the details and further information regarding the Fortiva Credit Card can be accessed at this official website This is for those who love to dig into all the tid bits before using any card.

Who can apply for the Fortiva Credit Card?

There are certain general requirements you need to complete to be able to qualify and use the Fortiva Credit Card freely which are listed below:

  1. To be able to submit the application for the Fortiva Credit Card  you must have attained the age of 18
  2. You also need to be a citizen legally in the United States of America

In addition to these requirements you must remember that this card is specifically designed for those who do not own a great credit rating and wish to make changes on their credit card transaction history.

Hence if you are the lucky individual who has an outstanding credit score then this page is not for you!

However if you have subprime credit score keep yourself hooked to this page.

The Lows and Highs of Fortiva Credit Card

  • The collected credit card report is submitted to all the three core bureaus
  • Your current and updated credit score will constantly be updated on your account online after every 2 months spans counting from the day you opened the account
  • You do not have to pay any security deposit prior to this card
  • The yearly fee ranges from $49-$175 for the very first year and from there on the fee can decrease between $0 to $49 per annum
  • There is absolutely no kind of rewards program whatsoever
  • When you open an account you will have to pay a single fee of $25 but only once
  • The yearly fee for maintenance after the first year ranges from $60 to $159 which is divided per month subsequently.

So it can indeed rightly be said that Fortiva Credit Card does have a lot of fee structures that the individual needs to wrap their head around.

Quick Glance at Fortiva Credit Card Reviews

  • The rates Fortiva 1.5/ 5
  • As stated on SuperMoney regarding Fortiva Credit Card “So, should you get a credit card or personal loan from Fortiva Financial? It will depend on your situation”
  • CreditKarma has sort of given Fortiva Card a general review

In a generalized context there are multiple not so positive reviews on Fortiva Credit Card, two of which we have listed below:

“Do not accept this card. They never reported to the credit bureaus and therefore I had to close my acct. High APR and fees are ridiculous. Totally regret accepting this card. They never send notifications of purchases or payments as stated on their website. Customer service is the worst, they are nasty and don’t care about the customer. I asked to speak to a manager and was told I would get a call but never did. BEWARE!!”

“This card is essentially a payday loan made of plastic. Please get a secured card if you can’t get prime yet. No rewards for those high fees.”

Where to contact Fortiva Credit Card Customer Care?

  • You can send a post via mail at their official address which is Fortiva P.O. Box 105555 Atlanta, GA 30348-5555
  • You can contact them over the phone by dialing this number 1-800-245-7741
  • Fortiva Credit Card does not have a fax or email! So no luck there.

In case you ever face technical difficulties while signing in at the Fortiva Credit Card Account online then you can place a direct call at this Toll Free Number 1-800-245-7741.

What to do to Increase the Fortiva Credit Card Credit Line?

If you already are the lucky owner of a Fortiva Credit Card and wish to enhance your credit line then you can place a call at this number 1-800-245-7741 to access the necessary details regarding the procedure.

If you are wondering regarding the benefits on enhancing the credit line then let us tell you that this helps you gain a sublime credit score which in fact what this credit card is all about!

A Quick Tip: A quick hack you must remember is that never hesitate to make a request for the credit line increase because it will not take a toll on your current score and the worst case scenario is that they would say NO!

Concluding Remarks on Fortiva Credit Card

Considering the reviews given by big giant names as mentioned above and the comments of the already existing users of Fortiva we have come to a “Not Recommended” conclusion for Fortiva Credit Card due to a couple of reasons.

Number one the entire fees attached with the Fortiva Credit Card is simple a lot to afford for many people.

Number two there are other better alternatives then Fortiva out there in the market for individuals who are looking to improve the score on their credit card. Some of these alternatives include the following cards:

  • OlloCard
  • BlazeCC
  • FIT Mastercard

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