About Us

TheFileBucket.com  is an online website project that came into being by the combined efforts of a talented team of bloggers, researchers and developers who have put every bit of their hard work, resources, training and creativity to bring together a central platform where articles related to travel, shopping, gift cards sites and survey sites will be collected for user guidance. The articles will not only comprise of the information on the company but will also talk in detail about the procedures that users can adopt to avail any service. Other than this the TheFileBucket.com will also tag links and official website domains for all the companies whose services are being explained and these working links will then direct you to their respective websites.

TheFileBucket.com was founded with the concept of amalgamating a universal platform online that contains the specific, relevant and accurate information on services offered by various companies with some details on the company’s background itself. To make all this further simplified and accessible, TheFileBucket.com has made various categories of the types of articles that the website will be covering according to the type of companies and services that we will talk about. All users have to do is click on the category they wish to read on and find the relevant article!

All users however must remember that TheFileBucket.com has no signed affiliations with any of the third party websites and companies that are mentioned in the articles which are and will be posted on TheFileBucket.com.