Securitas – Securing Your Surroundings has never been easier

Founded in 1934 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Securitas has established itself as one of the leading global security firms whose agenda is inspired by providing seamless protection to houses, offices and entire communities.

Securitas runs its business on three basic principles; Integrity, Vigilance, and Helpfulness which in fact sum up the entire crux of the services that Securitas has to offer.

Securitas believe in catering to individual client needs by providing the security solution that best fit their requirements and by doing so it has inevitably established a landmark in sustainable development and large profit margins in over 45 countries around the world which include places from the Middle East, Africa, Europe, America and North America.

Whether it is a small convenience store or a large international airport, Securitas employees are committed in making a difference in the world by launching the best security services.

To sum up the business based operations that Securitas run, their services can be divided into four broad categories which are:

  1. Security Services in North America
  2. Security Services in Europe
  3. Security Services Ibero-America
  4. Other (services given in places apart from Europe and America)

All business activities in these places are conducted under one brand name that is Securitas while the company’s exclusive services include background checking, assessment of security, protection of brands, protection of intellectual property, executive security, forensics related to IT, IT related security, cyber surveillance and much more.

However, these exclusive services are run under the name Pinkerton in the category of North America.

To further provide convenience to various employers and their employees, Securitas has developed an online payroll system by the name of Securitas ePay System which can be accessed at and provides access to various employees around the world to their paystub data at one single portal. This service has proven beneficial not just for employees but a large amount of the paper workload that Human Resource departments of all companies have to bare has also been reduced by the launch of Securitas ePay System.

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