Participate in Friendly’s Survey to earn discount coupon

Participate in Friendly’s Survey on to get your hands on a discount coupon by sharing your experience at Friendly’s about their products and services.

According to the Friendly’s website, the Friendly’s Listens is a customer satisfaction survey that allows customers to provide feedback on their recent dining experience at a Friendly’s restaurant.

Anyone who has recently dined at a Friendly’s restaurant can participate in the survey. Take the Friendly’s Listens because it allows Friendly’s to gather feedback from customers and use that feedback to improve their products and services. Additionally, customers who complete the survey are entered into a sweepstakes for a chance to receive rewards, such as reward points, discounts or special offers (collectively, “Rewards”).

Why Friendly’s Customer Satisfaction Survey:

How much do you appreciate Friendly’s food and service? Do you like it or not? Share your experience with Friendly’s by the help of Friendly’s Survey which is an online method created by the company in order to collect feedbacks, opinions and suggestions from their loyal and valued customers. Feel free to share your opinions and views with Friendly’s for Friendly’s to serve you better in your future visit. The Friendly’s survey is short and simple and consists only the questions regarding to what you experienced at their restaurant.

Friendly’s Listens Survey Requirements

  • First of all, you would be needed an active internet connection in order to access online services.
  • An electronic device such as a laptop or a smartphone to use the internet for filling out the Friendly’s survey online.
  • Receipt provided by Friendly’s. This receipt is important since the 14-digit serial number written on it is required in order to take part in the survey.

How to participate in Friendly’s Survey

  • Go to Friendly’s Survey page by opening the following link provided:
  • Enter the 14-digit serial number located on your receipt provided by Friendly’s restaurant.
  • Rate your overall satisfaction by answering questions such as the attentiveness of your server, the friendliness of the staff, the cleanliness of the restaurant, and the speed of service.
  • Fill your name and they will personalize a coupon, so that can you get the coupon for a discount next time.
  • Follow all the instructions to complete Friendly’s survey.
  • For further details about Friendly’s, visit their official website by clicking on the following link:
Friendly's Survey


By completing this survey, you will help the company owners to know more about how their customers feel towards their products and services. They will get to know if the customers are satisfied or not so that they will make improvements to satisfy their customers if required. Friendly’s survey will also help the company owners to calculate how successful their company is running and at which rank their reputation stands.

Tips for completing the Friendly’s Listens Survey

Here are some tips for completing the survey:

  • Have your Friendly’s receipt ready, as it contains the survey invitation code.
  • Answer all questions honestly and thoroughly.
  • Provide specific feedback, both positive and negative, to help Friendly’s improve.
  • Take your time and read each question carefully.

Submit your contact information at the end of the survey if you would like to enter the sweepstakes.

About Friendly’s

Friendly’s is a famous restaurant chain on the United States East Coast. Friendly’s was founded by Curtis Blake and S. Prestley Blake in 1935 in Springfield, Massachusetts. The company is currently headquartered in Wilbraham, Massachusetts, United States.

Friendly’s is currently operating in 389 locations in the United States. Friendly’s is best known for its ice cream. It also serves a variety of sundaes, including a cone head and a wizard with Reese’s pieces for eyes. Friendly’s ice cream dessert options include frappes, root beer floats, Fribble shakes, milkshakes, ice cream sodas, Friend-Z, and double thick.

22 thoughts on “Participate in Friendly’s Survey to earn discount coupon

  1. Waiter was very nice. Personal young man. Very accommodatingl Food was good. Kitchen was a little slow
    Restaurant was clean.

  2. service was a little slow but it is good to see friendly’s coming back from previous problems. I particulalry like the old style hamburgers RE on toast and will ask for them next time in. continued good luck and hard work

  3. I ordered a hot fudge sundae which was so delicious. Service was immediate with just ordering ice cream. The team member was very helpful and had a great personality which makes it more inviting to come back to Friendly’s.

  4. I had the best meal tonight served from, Bridget and nick! So friendly😉 and helpful in choosing the best meal for me. Will be coming back for sure very pleased 10/10!

  5. My husband and I visited the friendlys in west lawn Pa on sunday Nov. 13. We arrived at 10:25 am. It took our waitress ( Amber) 10 min before she even came to take our drink order. When she did arrive we ordered our meal with our drinks. We waited around 40 min to get our meal- cheeseburger and fries and bar-b-que chicken sandwich combo. He also ordered soup which we had to ask for , she never brought. When i ordered my ice tea ,, i had asked for a few lemons since i don’t use sugar. That didn’t come either until i asked for it a second time. WE were not happy with the service. Before we left I had to use the rest room. There was no toilet tissue in the stall i was using……so i stood at the counter to let someone know. My waitress saw me standing there for alittle while, and would not come over to ask what i needed. I felt very put off. Not sure if i will be visiting this establishment again. I enjoy eating at friendlys. I guess i will just not try this one again.

  6. Went to the friendly on street road in
    Bensalem. The service was great. At the end after I had paid for my order I was standing at the front waiting for my mom when I heard my waiter Mark complaining to another waiter about the top I left. Very unprofessional since I left over a 12% tip.ales me very uncomfortable going back to this locatio

  7. We treated our family of 11 people (3 youngsters, 2 seniors and the rest were adults) to lunch at your store #0897 in Norristown, PA today. When the two seniors asked for the small sundae offered for seniors on your menu, the waitress CURTLY answered they ordered the two things from the back of the menu for $5.55 and were not eligible for the Sr. Sundaes. Some of the remainder of the folks were deserving of the sundaes since they had ordered from another page. We were not able to see it mentioned that these senior folks (80+) were not eligible. Can you help us?

    Do not post this question.
    Arlie McMahan

  8. Our waiter Andrew gave us amassing services, it was as though he was our own private waiter. He also had a very pleasant and likable personality. I believe l tipped around 35% because our service was actually that good.

  9. sunday 2/26/17 my wife our 84 year old friend and my self went to friendly’s at store #7015 in glen burnie MD. we were seated at once.pleanty empty tables.the waitress was slow getting to us,and when she brought our coffee you could not drink it.when you put 4 creamers in it and it’s still black that should tell you some thing? we never received our water until we were ready to go out the door.when the food came 20 min. later,our elderly friend ordered the fried shrimp.she found a human hair fried in the badder,hard to eat after that one, but she ordered some thing else an moved wife ordered the chicken pasta and i mean for $11.99 you think you would have received what the menu showed?but no the sevice was bad but the food was HORRIBLE,i only ordered the clam chodder it was good and hot.but at check out we had to tell them to take the coffee off the truly could not drink it.look any one will tell you i don’t complain i just eat and go on,but the was the worse service and food i’ve eaten in years.maybe you should take note of you compatation just a few doors up and there other site just 1 1/2 mile up the street both places were a 20 min. wait and both parking lots were full.i’m not mentioning the names of the other places out of respect.i’m just saying managers drink you coffee and taste you food once in awhile.

  10. just moved into this area stoped in Friendlys in Clifton Park and was very disappointed the waitress was great but the food was not very good it was burnt and over cooked

  11. I’ve been to Friendly’s on many occasions and have found the staff to be efficient and friendly. Two that are always smiling, greeting you with a warm hello and excellent servers are Arianna and Luna from the Palmer Mass store. They have always been consistent and efficient in their work and have always made me and my friends welcomed.
    This is very hard to accomplish- especially with today’s society in their behavior or impatience and anger. Shout outs for both Arianna and Luna in their continued efforts to provide great service that wants you to return for another great and warm experience.

  12. I loved the costumer service and how hard they work to get what you want, and shout out to Dawna at the Friendly’s in Williston. she did great and had fun with my kids. Please give her a raise, she deserves it.

  13. If you like fish and chips with vinegar you will need to bring your own. Seems mgmt. has declared it will no longer have it on hand.

  14. Friendly’s in Holden, MA, Ordered the grilled chicken wrap, it was half a wrap, it was not grilled chicken, my guess is it was pressed chicken cubes. When we got the bill they charged 10.99, it was priced on the menu as 8.99. ( was not worth that ) When I questioned the price the waitress said they don’t always charge what’s on the menu. She didn’t know how they decided what to charge. When I asked about the senior discount, I was told it was the only thing on that page that you don’t get senior. We will never go there again! Pay attention to your bill!

  15. Friendly”s Clifton Park , omelet was great, waitress was very good ! Wife had Big To Do it was great ! Best place around for breakfast !


  17. why is Friendly’s take away a senior discount for breakfast , is this the way for you to say thank you for being a senior, come on , this can not be a way for you to make more money, are you really that hard up for money that you have to take away a senior discount, not a good way to start off the new year, I’ll be looking for a new place that GIVES SENIOR A DISCOUNT,

  18. Went to Westfield Friendly’s.. It was terrible for the last time.. Will not go again. Asked for a sandwich was brought back wrong. Got a free sundae with meal.. I asked for just the ice cream she said yes. When she came back she came back with all to go sundae’s and I said it was wrong and she looked at me and said oh that is what I said. I said forget it to my husband and said we will stop somewhere to get one for me. She just walked away. Really, no customer service at all here.
    One employee kept coming back to talk to his friends that was there…

  19. Visit Friendlys in Commack very often for Breakfast and Diner The service is always great and very friendly as the live up to their name Very pleased…

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