Experience of Using Switch Configuration Tools

The upsurge of switching network technology can be traced back to 1994. At that time, LAN switching equipment appeared. Now in 2021, switch technology is still very important. It has the characteristics of simplification, low price, high performance and high end density.

The complex switching technology which embodies the bridging technology operates in the second layer of OSI reference model. Switch configuration is very basic, but almost every network engineer will encounter it. So what tools will be used in the process of switch configuration? Do you have any experience in using these tools? SPOTO will give you a brief introduction around this point.

Methods of switch configuration

There are many methods of switch configuration. Let’s see if you have mastered the following methods.

The first way is to connect through HyperTerminal and it is relatively simple. The tools to be used are a computer with XP system and a consle line. But now Windows no longer has XP system, so you can download a HyperTerminal software under Windows system.

The second way is to connect through the network command line. You can use a remote software, such as SecureCRT, Xshell and so on, that supports SSH protocol, telnet protocol and other protocols. These software are the tools for switch configuration. SPOTO will introduce several useful software later.

The third way is to connect through the browser. Now many switches provide a simple graphical interface, which can be configured through the browser. It is also very simple.

Role of switch configuration tools

The switch configuration tools have the functions of searching all network devices, editing device properties, and setting IP address and subnet mask. However, the specific functions of different tools are different. These software can also help users configure new parameters for your switch on the software and provide a property setting function. After you connect to the software, you can edit new parameters on the software. The software can display the original switch parameters, and then you can modify relevant

equipment parameters according to the prompts of the software. For network engineers, it is of great help.

Recommendation for switch configuration tools – SecureCRT

SecureCRT is a terminal emulator that supports SSH (SSH1 and SSH2). In short, it is the software that logs in to UNIX or Linux server host under Windows. SecureCRT supports SSH and Telnet and rlogin protocols. It is an ideal tool for connecting and running Windows, UNIX and VMS.

Encrypted files can be transferred by using the included VCP command line program. It has all the features of the popular CRTTelnet client, including automatic registration, maintaining different characteristics for different hosts, printing function, color setting, variable screen size, user-defined key bitmap and excellent VT100, VT102, VT220 and ANSI competition. It can be run from the command line or from the browser. Other features include text manuscript, user-friendly toolbar, user’s key bitmap editor, customizable ANSI color, etc. The SSH protocol of SecureCRT supports DES, 3DES and RC4 passwords and password authentication with RSA. This software is really easy to use, and many people are using it, so it is highly recommended. Please visit cciedump.spoto.net

In conclusion, it is better to choose the switch configuration tools according to your own needs.

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