Swoosh Account brings you all Nike Perks

If you have recently been obsessed with sports then it is time that you get yourself some new sports gear from none other than Nike.

Nike is everyone’s go to choice for best jerseys, shoes, sportswear and everything that a sports person can require.The good news is for all the Nike employees who can use their Swoosh Account to enjoy all the perks that the company has to offer.

Get your Nike Benefits using the Swoosh Account

If you are an employee of Nike then there is a good news for you which is that you can reap off all the perks that the company is offering using the Swoosh account at this link www.swoosh.com where you should give your email ID and password to access your account.

If you do not have a Swoosh Account then you must create one because in order to get all the benefits from Nike such as discounts worth 40% and other employee prices can only be used through a Swoosh Account.

You can also use family based memberships, enhanced inventory and if you have the wrong size you can easily get returns or exchanges. So all you need to do is register your Swoosh Account.

In order to create your Swoosh Account you must tap on the box in black “REGISTER” and state your Employee ID code, full name, Social Security last 4 digits and your Area Zip Code then you need to complete the validation of your Swoosh Acocunt.

There are however some things you need to complete before this registration:

  • You should remember that your Nike.com or Nike Network will not operate on swoosh.com
  • Employees in this case will be those people who have jobs at Nike.Inc, hence if you have been employed by Nike and are a part of their family then you must wait to get the registration email from the Nike employer.

What is Nike as a company?

Nike is the famous store chain for athletic products including footwear, other apparel, jerseys, shorts and other accessories. It is the brand that sponsors players as well.

They have a large number of high quality products, facilitating their customers in the best possible way that they can.

Nike was founded in 1964 and with the number of 73,100 employees, they never stop providing their customers with best quality services.

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